Google invests in a plan to lay down a submarine cable with a total length of 9000 km · sec at 18 terabits

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We announced that we will invest in submarine cabling to connect Australia's Perth and Sydney via Singapore via Jakarta, Indonesia. This submarine cable is "INDIGOIt is called a large-scale project cooperating with AARNet, Indosat Ooredoo, Singtel, SubPartners, Telstra, and Google with a total length of 5600 miles (about 9000 km).

Google invests in INDIGO undersea cable to improve cloud infrastructure in Southeast Asia

We announced that Google will invest in a plan to launch a submarine cable "INDIGO" docking from Perth in Western Australia to Sydney in the eastern part from Singapore via Jakarta, Indonesia. If INDIGO opens, Google related traffic between Australia and Southeast Asia will be dramatically improved, and it is planned to be completed by the middle of 2019.

The total length of INDIGO is about 9000 km and it is revealed that an option to allow future communication speed improvement by accommodating 2 fiber pair in one cable is revealed. In 2019, it will be completed at the communication speed · 18 Tbps, Google said "(18 Tbps communication speed) Singapore and Sydney people 8 million simultaneous video calls of high-resolution Google Hangouts at the same time Speed ​​"is written.

In addition, laying the submarine cable INDIGO in the UKAlcatel-Lucent Submarine NetworksI am in charge.

However, compared to the submarine cable "FASTER" connecting the Japan and the US West Coast completed in 2016 and the submarine cable "PLCN" where the installation plan was announced in 2016, I notice that the communication speed of INDIGO is not so fast .

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Although it is unknown at this moment how much it costs the INDIGO laying project, it is unknown at this moment, but a submarine cable connecting between Singapore and Perth, jointly launched by Singtel, SubPartners, and Telstra participating in the planAPX-WestIt is said that the installation cost is estimated to be over 75 million dollars (about 8.3 billion yen). This APX-West is used as a submarine cable connecting between Singapore and Perth of INDIGO.

In addition, Google has invested in seven submarine cables so far, five of which are submarine cables related to Asia.

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