Animation that makes it easy to understand what is necessary for being healthy from inside the body

A variety of factors are involved in maintaining the intestinal environment healthy, one of which is "meals" that can be managed by themselves. Then, what is necessary to do for being healthy from the body, what it means to be healthy, the digestive system specialistShilpa RavellaAnd they are making animation.

How the food you eat affects your gut - Shilpa Ravella - YouTube

Bacteria, viruses and various fungi live in our body more than 1 trillion. To coexist well with them is also our benefit.

Microorganisms are building up an ecosystem called "microbiome" in the intestine ... ...

I do various work. For example, decomposing foods that our body can not digest, creating important nutrients, regulating the immune system.

We are also in charge of defense against harmful bacteria.

I do not know which bacteria are needed to make the intestines robust but I know that "there are various bacteria" is necessary for healthy micro-biomes.

A wide range of factors, such as the environment we live in, the medicine you are drinking, and whether you were born by caesarean section or not, will affect microbiome.

And meals are also one of the factors affecting microbiome. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and grains are the "best fuels" for bacteria in the intestine.

Bacteria digest dietary fiber to produce 'short chain fatty acids'.

Short chain fatty acids, growing intestinal walls ......

Improve immune function ...

It prevents inflammation.

In 2015 scientists conducted a survey on the diet of two groups and their effects. One group living in the province of South Africa, a group that takes plenty of fiber.

The other is a group of African Americans who eat high fat and meaty meals.

After two weeks, there was a decrease in short-chain fatty acids and an increase in inflammation in the colon in the group with a high-fat diet.

If you have plenty of fiber during meals, intestinal bacteria will produce moisture and short chain fatty acids, eliminating 'enemies'. Short chain fatty acids are thought to lower the risk of colon cancer.

If you are feeding a diet low in fiber quality, for intestinal bacteria it will be in a state where 'fuel' is insufficient, so it will collapse one after another. This will destroy the diversity of bacteria necessary for healthy microbiomes. In addition, hungry bacteria will even make the inner mucous layer "fuel".

Foods and drinks found to affect microbiomes are fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, red wine, dark chocolate.

Common things involved polyphenols, so it was related to increased bacteria.

Meanwhile, milk, sugar, soft drinks etc. were related to bacterial depletion.

How to cook food becomes important as well. Frying is not a very good recipe, it is better because minimal treatment leaves more dietary fiber. It is recommended to lightly steamed, sautéed, or eat raw vegetables.

There is also a hand to take a meal containing microorganisms that have a good effect. We refer to this microorganism and food containing microorganisms as "probiotics".

Among them, fermented foods contain a lot of beneficial bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus) and bifidobacteria (Bifidobacteria).

The fermented foods mentioned in the movie are Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Tempe, Tea Mushroom.

There is an image called "yogurt for probiotics" ... ...

There are cases where yoghurt contains unnecessary sugar content, while bacteria are insufficient in some cases, so it is necessary to pay attention depending on things.

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