Experiment of attaching penis to train seat

A movie titled "Experimento Asiento" is uploaded suddenly on March 20, 2017, and it is supposed to be played over 1.7 million times in 2 weeks. In the movie, the seat of the train is in the form of a male body somehow, what kind of reaction do people respond to the seat where the penis is growing? That is reflected.

Why this penis is on a subway seat, making people uncomfortable

You can check the movie from the following.

Experimento Asiento - YouTube

People getting on the subway.

Below the display written as "male only" ......

Quite sensible seat.

If there is a person who pulls off his face ......

Some people with facial expressions that are a little funny.

A woman who frowns insanely.

Put a jacket folded over the seat ......

Some men tried to sit on the jacket.

However, it seems that it was uncomfortable ... ...

I will stand up after all.

Three people to trade "Sit down" ~.

It seems there were many people taking pictures.

A man sitting on a sheet with a penis and taking a sentence under the seat.

"Although this seat is uncomfortable, it is not a comparison with sexual violence women are experiencing on a train everyday."

A man who cracked a man and finally found a vacant seat.

Good, and sit ... ...

I noticed discomfort.

I know that it is the penis sheet for the first time since I got up.

A men sitting next to me also smiles.

I opted to keep standing after all.

The above movie was released on 20th March 2017, and later aimed at improving the status of womenUN WomenIt was found out that it was a campaign to prevent sexual violence against women who cooperated with Mexico City. Actually in January 2017, it seems that a sheet with a penis was installed in a train car in Mexico City.

Also on 22nd March UN Women has released a movie collaborating with Mexico City.

Experimento Pantallas - YouTube

It was the station's home that was projected.

People who wait for the train to come as usual as they touch the smartphone.

But suddenly the male ass is projected on the home display.

People who have an indecent expression like 'What the hell is it?'

Does your ass appear? While checking with the hand ... ...


Some people are looking at how it looks fun.

I noticed that my ass was projected ......

I will touch it to make sure.

Unlike the first movie, many people were laughing, but ......

Some people have a tough look.

Some of them noticed that their butt was reflected and leave the place with pleasure.

A man who hid his ass in spite of himself.

Finally, the screen switches and an indication "This is thousands of women troubled every day" was displayed.

Incidentally,Investigation by public opinion research company YouGovThe first place of transportation involving danger for women is the transportation of Colombia's capital Bogotá, Mexico City is No. 2. Tokyo was the 15th largest in the world.

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