I tried "Cup noodle Singapore Chilean Club" where ethnic hotness and subtle sweetness become habit

Developed under the cooperation of overseas subsidiaries of the Nissin Food GroupCup Noodle Singapore Chilean Club"Appeared on April 3, 2017 (Monday). I tried to eat what the taste of the new menu that Singapore's popular specialty dish "Chile Club" was arranged in a cup noodle style.

"Cup noodle Singapore Chilean Club" (released on April 3) | Nissin Food Group

"Cup noodle Singapore Chilean club" is brown based design. The price is 180 yen in tax-free price.

On the front side is the illustration of the flag of Singapore and the crab written "Dry".

On the top of the lid was added the "Chile Club Paste" which was posted in.

This menu, to put it brieflyI made crabs of the shrimp shrimp and gave a source of spicy spices blended with crab miso and tomato, chiliSingapore's popular dish "Chile Club" arranged in a cup noodle style. It means that the chili sauce that the egg melts in spicy of Chile and the crab's umami matches. Raw materials also include names such as "crab extract", "oyster sauce" "fish sauce" "kana".

The calorie per meal is 367 kcal. Salt equivalent is a bit discreetly 4.6 grams.

When opening the lid, you can check powder of reddish soup, crab meat surimi, freeze drying of eggs etc.

3 minutes after putting hot water. At this time, warm chili sauce on the lid without peeling off.

When I opened the lid after 3 minutes, it looks like a cup noodle as usual, swollen quickly.

And put chili sauce here, mixed well and completed. When I tried approaching my nose, there was a scent that makes me feel tinged and spicy peculiar to chili sauce.

When I try to eat it, the spicyness of the chilli sauce is slightly above expectation, and if you think that "why is not it so painful?" Level will exceed the prediction perfectly. Nonetheless, it is not just painful, it neutralizes the taste of the tomatoes contained in the soup and the sweetness and umami that are felt in the aftertaste, so it is becoming a taste for chopsticks to go forward as much as possible I will. Indeed this was finished in a taste that I thought without consenting that it was a popular Chilean club in Singapore.

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