GIGAZINE Spring gift big release project "Please answer the questionnaire and bring them all!"

April is a season of new life and encounter with parting! So, in order to support the person "I want to revolutionize my life!", Depending on who uses it I will certainly release a lot of items from GIGAZINE that I think will be useful.

This gift is just releasedNintendo Switch (Nintendo switch)"And high-spec liquid crystal pen tablet" 4K resolution "Wacom Cintiq Pro 16"Starbucks gift card 10,000 yen worth of coins & can be cooked extraordinely"Starbucks solo filter"Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner that can carry and clean anywhere"Eufy HomeVac", A rainbow-colored gaming mouse"Sound BlasterX Siege M04"Keyboard"Sound BlasterX Vanguard K 08"Set, overwhelming volume with over $ 10,000 worth of"Shin · Godzilla" official record collection "The Art of Shin Godzilla", Anyone can enjoy drone races easily "Kyosho DRONE RACER"Illustrations drawn with paper and pen can be layered and incorporated into PC and it is also a competent"Wacom Intuos Pro Paper EditionEye mask to control sleep by analyzing brain waves "Neuroon",Amazon Gift Certificate ¥ 30,000There are 50 items in total.

Also, who are you reading GIGAZINE? Although it also serves as a questionnaire to research points not known only by access analysis, it is very much appreciated that people who answered "I do not need a gift but can cooperate with the questionnaire!" Then, please see the application method and gift list from the following.

Application period
From Sunday April 2, 2017 until Monday April 17, 2017 until 23: 59.

◆ Winner announced
For winners, since April 18 (Tuesday) the mail arrives from the GIGAZINE editorial department to the email address at the time of entry, it is OK if you reply to the mail address in the form of replying to that email. In addition, the election notice e-mail is treated as spam with high probability, so despite having won the prize carefully, it has been delayed to realize that we did not receive it .... so sad cases are increasing considerably, so be careful. In the schedule, the notice to the first winner arrives during April 18 (Tuesday), after that the first winner will not reply to the second winner, the third winner ... It moves according to the mechanism. So, it is "after April 18 (Tuesday)".

So, the gift list is from the following.

◆ 01:Nintendo Switch (Nintendo switch)(1 person)
Please understand that the Nintendo switch has been used in the editorial department.

◆ 02:4K correspondence & writing pressure 8192 level "Wacom Pro Pen 2" liquid tab with overwhelming ease of drawing "Wacom Cintiq Pro 16"(1 person)
A new product to be released on Tuesday, April 18. It is 15.6 inch, its size is 410 x 265 x 17.5 mm, and its weight is 1.5 kg. In addition, it is a sample machine in the image below.

With the stand which can be stored on the back of the main unit.

When you stand it stands like this with an angle like this. It is four times as much as before, with a new "Wacom Pro Pen 2" with 8192 pen pressure level.

◆ 03:Anker's ultra-large capacity mobile battery "Anker PowerCore II 20000" capable of fully charging the body in just 6 hours to charge the iPhone about 7 times(1 person)

◆ 04:Anker's cordless vacuum cleaner "eufy HomeVac" that you can carry and clean anywhere(1 person)

◆ 05:Smoker which can easily smoked and can be carried outdoors "Osaka Aroma ST - 124"(1 person)

◆ 06:Sound BlasterX's gaming keyboard "Vanguard K 08" shining in full color with 16.8 million colors and mouse "Siege M 04"(1 person in a set)

Looking at the keyboard that is not connected to the PC, it looks like a common type of keyboard ... ...

When connected to the PC, it will shine like a rainbow color with the following feeling.

Also, Sound BlasterX Siege M 04 is in a state of unconnected.

When connecting, the edge part of the mouse shone vividly. Both the mouse and keyboard are compatible with 16.8 million color LEDs, and users can freely customize.

◆ 07: Bluetooth wireless speaker with waterproof performance equivalent to IPX6 "Creative iRoar Go"(1 person)
Creative iRoar Go is 192 x 54 x 87 mm, hand sized size. Although it is compact, it has five drivers and adopts SuperWide technology which realizes the sound which feels wide the sound field.

◆ 08: Inner ear type Bluetooth wireless earphone capable of continuous use for up to about 11 hours with drip-proof & super lightweight "Creative Outlier Sports"(1 person)

Taking out of the box is a characteristic earpiece, the cable is firey orange. It has IPX4 equivalent splashproof performance so it can be used even during exercise that sweat.

◆ 09:Lost tag tag "Qrio Smart Tag (Curio Smart Tag)" that works with smartphones born from Sony(1 person)

◆ 10:A manual espresso machine "Mini Presso" that you can taste espresso everywhere if there is no power supply and beans and hot water required(1 person)

◆ 11:Donkey's leather shoes "slide sole change" realized "If you want to replace the leather shoes when the heels are reduced"(1 person)
The size is 26.5 cm.

◆ 12:LED lantern "MIZUSION" (Mizushion) that lights continuously for 30 hours just by adding water and salt(1 person)

◆ 13:Tsubura "Twisty" which can twist a bottle to keep tea and tea leaves separate, keeping your favorite darkness and keeping warmth(1 person)

◆ 14:Voltage and current checker for USB Type-C terminal "Satechi Type-C Power Meter"(1 person)

◆ 15:"Shin · Godzilla" official record collection "J Art · Shin · Godzilla" with overwhelming volume exceeding 10,000 yen(1 person)

◆ 16:Memorial figure that keeps the legendary one festival held at Makuhari Messe that winter day in "record and memory"(1 person)

◆ 17:Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition "capable of laying in illustrations drawn with paper and pen layers into a PC and also being a pen tab(1 person)

◆ 18:"Kyosho DRONE RACER" that the wheel type controller of the same type as the R / C car can operate and the aircraft takes over the difficult operation arbitrarily without permission(1 person)
The body color is Shining Red.

◆ 19:Smart Major "Bagel" which can measure all kinds of objects by switching the straps, wheels, lasers, and export them to the smartphone(1 person)

◆ 20:"Mushroom mountain villain bamboo shoots Othello game 3" that may end the mushrooms bamboo shoots war(1 person)

◆ 21:Desk clock that can display multiple weather forecasts every 3 hours & municipalities "DWS - 200J - 7JF"(1 person)

◆ 22:"Raborokaki" which reproduced the on-board carrying food that the Zero Wrestler had eatenExtra,Responding bag and cigarette case can case(1 person)

The can case is about this size compared with the iPhone SE of the total length of 123.8 mm.

The following cherry blossom emblem is engraved.

◆ 23:Gyoza's royal strap strap(2 sets for 1 person)
A strap with a plate called "Gyoza daily 2 million pieces a day" of grilled eyes.

On the other side of the plate was the King's logo mark.

◆ 24:"Smart kettle" which sets the temperature by 5 degrees in the range of 50 to 100 degrees and boils it(1 person)
This will be reviewed soon.

◆ 25:Even if time passes, you can eat lunch boxer's fish lunch box "The cafe bowl lunch HLB-CD 620"(1 person)
How about the heat retention function while actually making lunch and such like this way? We are planning to review that in fact.

◆ 26:MonotribeOriginal playing cards(1 set for 3 pieces)
It is in the Amazon-like box ......

This is a card game.

On the face of numbers is a stylish design with symbols that are half cut out are written.

◆ 27:Thank you! SMAP(1 person)

Amazon reviewsIt was written as follows.

First of all, thanks to Takarajimasha who gave me this book with this bright image.
As an impression it is not only the upper side that used dissolution, SMAP I was relieved with a book with love ☆

Also, it was content that I can not bear with SMAP's music lover.
I think that it will be sufficiently useful as a reference book for those who listen to SMAP's CD now ♪
I am relaxing because the illustration is cute because it feels fancy.
Painting on the back cover is also an idea and a fun atmosphere.

As I touched the contents, there was a dialogue between Ms. Nagaoka and Mr. Iwata who was making the song at the height, and it was lovely.
Next time, Kenichi Shono, Mr. Minoru Morita, Mr. Chokkaku etc are also welcome!

Besides, there was also consideration about SMAP's trajectory and each person, and the delusion of reunion was awesome.
There are no actual 5 pictures, but all CD jacket photographs are posted as they are.
Therefore it is satisfactory including contents and is inferior.
Although the number of pages is not so much, it is 800 yen and because it is this content, it was correct answer.
I also admired that there were also various analyzes that gained the attention.
It is aligned on the SMAP related bookshelf.

◆ 28: Twitter Original Goods 【Twitter Bird Edition】(1 person)
What is sold only for the seven-eleven netThen,T-shirt(L size) &Mug&tote bag&strap&Button Badges&Smartphone case(For iPhone 6) is set.

◆ 29: Twitter Original Goods 【Twitter Bird & Hello Kitty Edition】(1 person)
T-shirt(L size) &Mug&tote bag&Button Badges&Business Card Case&Pass case&Smartphone case(For iPhone 6 Plus) set.

Twitter Bird version, Twitter Bird & Hello Kitty version T - shirt is L size. Chest 96-104, waist 84-94, height 175-185 and a woman with a height of 162 cm wears this much.

The size of the bag is as follows.

◆ 30:Girls salary & amp; Career guidebook(1 person)

The best seller "The third salary of Japan salary & amp; job guide"!
The latest work of the series that breaks the cumulative total of 200,000 copies gave a spot to working women.
From the unique occupation of a woman to the difference between men and women in occupation regardless of sex.
Basic information such as average salary / salary by age, work content, how to get a job,
Women's strengths for each occupation, career models of women working there, such as information on concerns are posted.
You can enjoy children and adults with illustrations unique to this series.

※ The first and second bullets are posted in GIGAZINE as follows.

"Professional warrior" as an RPG style "Professor of Japan's salary & vocational guide" whose job content and salary are all round - GIGAZINE

Game Strategy Review "375 kinds of professionals in book style" Japanese salary & vocational guide Plus "review, sales staff is" modern gladiator "- GIGAZINE

◆ 31:China amusement park big picture book northern section (Chinese sports exploration team)(1 person)

Kimo cute girls who do not have cute rattles or medicine castles · Play Equipment full of Moe Chara · Lost appetite food court · Trauma inevitable haunted house · Japanese soldier's opponent's Sabbath-style anti-Japanese theme park ... color sense It is disgusting · there is a problem in copyright · Also investigate the amusement park in China where question marks are stuck to entertainment and safety!

◆ 32:Chinese amusement park large illustration Chubu Hen (China Spider Exploration Corps)(1 person)

The second series in the series is Central China including Shanghai. Because of the area where the wealthy people are dramatically increasing in recent years, the theme park boasting the Nikki amusement park and the overwhelming scale is confused!

◆ 33:Multi-function smart grip "Suma cool" that cools smartphone in game with 2000 mAh battery and cooling fan installed(1 person)

When attached to a smartphone it is like this.

◆ 34:100 possible new laws Practical marketing automation Lead development method that can sell without meeting(1 person)

The conceptual introduction and utilization of "marketing automation" that was conceptually understood, the value that it brings to the enterprise and the wall that emerges to realize it. Moreover, I thought that it was a book that I could write because it was a practitioner involved in actual introduction, penetration, and utilization, such as how to overcome the wall.

We chapter 5 out of Chapter 6 by Mautic open source MA tool as an example, and it is perfect for the reader "I have no budget" and "I want to try it first". After that, I felt that it was kindness for users mentioned that Marketo usage method is described as a vendor-made pay MA tool in the final chapter for users who have realized some sort of "ROI" through marketing automation at Mautic. (The difference between Mautic and Marketo.

◆ 35: "Starbucks solo filter"& Starbucks gift card 10,000 yen worth(1 person)

Starbucks solo filter is an item that can make cups of one cup of coffee without paper filter & trouble-free.

◆ 36:Dido Drinko's "Kinnikuman 7 Devils Superman Figure"(1 person)
It is 2 case 1 set.

When I opened the box, inside of it was a "Kinnikuman figure"Daido blend fine sugar supernatural editor of the world's best"There were 7 can sets in it.

Parts of each figure are disintegrated like this ...

When assembled, a mini size figure is completed.

In addition, each figure's bag contains parts of roses such as "arms" "foot" and so on, and meat kun is completed when collecting all 7 types of figures.

Seven figures are like this.

"Vs black hole" "vs Atlantis"

"Vs Buffalo Man" "vs Mr. Carmen"

"Vs The Magic Tenchu" "vs Steaka Seking" "vs Springman"

Also,"Daido blended Koku and fragrance blend BLACK supervised by the world's most varistor"The contents of the figure are the same for 7 can sets as well.

◆ 37:Survival manual of the US Navy SEAL: what elite who survive the limit are learning(1 person)

When faced with a crisis, it is difficult to separate survivors and victims,
I have this "very basic knowledge" or do not have it.
From mission preparation, information gathering,
Tracking targets, fulfilling duties, how to escape pinch ... ...

"SEAL" which is a special unit of the US Navy is learning,
The world's strongest survival skill is fully disclosed!

Basic of "self defense" / Choose a place to protect oneself / Prevent enemy invasion /
Defeat at a single strike / escape from surveillance / convert familiar things to weapons /
Start psychological warfare / erase traces / escape from the building / open the locks /
Hiding information in images / Surviving even in the water / Disguising quickly /
We surmount the shooter 's attack / remove the cohesion ... etc etc.

◆ 38:Revoltech Dumbo - Mini WF2017 [Winter] ver.(1 person)

This time Danbo is "WF staff T-shirt" as a design with a motif. The total length is 80 mm.

◆ 39:Wanda chan NEXT DOOR project "FILE: 03 Kamogawa Ver.(1 person)

Illustrations on the side of the box became the basis for figures.

The inside figure is like this. The total height is 127 mm, and the prototype production is Sakurako Ishikawa.

Compared to iPhone SE like this.

at the back.

◆ 40:"The Little Mermaid - A Magical Augmented Reality Book" that you can read little mermaid with AR using iPhone or iPad(1 person)

◆ 41:Ninomiya Yasuaki's paper airplane collection Frequently flying competition machine III(1 person)

The inside looks something like this, actually making paper airplanes. This is actually planned to post review articles, so please look forward to it!

♦ 42:Misuse prohibited! Backstory(1 person)

From "CIA's secret operation work" such as "Have a red cell" in the corner of the head to minimize the damage "and" How to adopt only truly excellent personnel "such as" How to make money with a prize of a crane game " How to enter a large number of sweepstakes websites "How to get back to side jobs, get to know, damn if you do not know, books full of backstop information! Business for not losing the power to see the idiots living in Majime · Deliver back tech which can practice in love · life to the strict prohibition of exploitation, with volume of 416 pages!

◆ 43:Get it in a binary field(1 person)

Today's future / tomorrow, the usual feelings.
AI, smartphones, SNS ... Although the dreamed technology is nearby, the heart is suffering from small things, crying and delighting. A 22-storied story that digital and everyday blend, painted by an acrobatics cartoonist of "AI (Ai)'s God") ("Weekly Shonen Champion" series).
Called a topic on the net, SF comic of the rumor that Kindle version won first place in "Amazon Computer · IT ranking", categorized and made a long-awaited book!

◆ 44:OSAKA WHEEL, the biggest elevation in Japan, with a floor scalable in size of 123 metersSouvenir key ring(4 pieces for 1 person)

◆ 45:Jalan Family Travel Kanto / Tohoku Version 2016, with VR Horoscope(1 person)

◆ 46:Eye mask "Neuroon" which tracks EEG, body temperature, pulse rate, body movement and controls sleep(1 person)

When installed it is like this. A review article will be published soon.

◆ 47: Movie set(1 person)
"Two-star cook"When"Silence - Silence -"Press sheet,"Jackie / First Lady's Last Mission"Hulticica"Burning Ocean"Silence - Silence -"A man with the memory of two criminals"Chopin's singing voice to an angel"Oasis: Super Sonic"Fragrant PolymerIt is a collection of flyers of.

◆ 48: Anime set(1 person)
"Nozzle system noiseNot for sale mask of "In one corner of this world"The Asahi Shimbun full-page advertisement,"Fate / ApocryphaFlyer,Panasonic Store original "Evangelion" special clear file, "GODZILLA"ofAnimeJapan 2017Original distribution "Investigation Report",Collaboration food of "AnimeJapan 2017"Souvenir's "High queue !!Ball beat wrapping paper, "Yuri !!! on ICE"Attack on Titan"Lightning and lightning"Bless me in this wonderful world! 2"Coaster and"Is your order a rabbit? Is it?Reef of "Tales of Zestria the CrossFlyer, "Will it be wrong to seek a dungeon encounter? Gaiden Sword OratriaComic · light novel trial reading booklet, "DEVILMAN crybaby"Postcards are in a set.

◆ 49: GIGAZINE Original Calendar(80 people)
This is the front cover ......

Contents is like this. Starting in January · At the beginning of Sunday, calendars of the previous and next month are arranged with the main calendar.

◆ 50: Amazon Gift Certificate 30,000 Yen(1 person)

Gifts were closed for entries. Thank you very much for your entries!

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