A man who did obscene acts on a girl was not guilty of 'not having fun'

The behavior of a man who was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl who was a classmate in 2015 was acquitted in Mexico as 'not an obscene intention'. The ruling has been criticized as 'Isn't it sexual abuse if you don't enjoy it?'

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The incident happened in January 2015. The victim girl who was out for the New Year's party was raped by two wealthy men in a car while waiting to be picked up from the club, and then taken to their homes 3 He was raped by the public. The fourth of the men was acquitted this time, Diego Cruz, who was urged by three others to insert his finger into the genitals after touching the girl's chest. Cruz is the son of a well-known wealthy family and was a classmate who attended the same private school as the victim girl.

Judge Anuar Gonzalez Hemadi said in the case, 'If the evidence cannot be proved to be'actions taken to satisfy sexual desire', caress cannot be considered sexual behavior.' 'Given that the victim was able to move to the front seats of the car after begging the attacker to stop, she couldn't say'there was no defense',' she said.

by Joe Gratz

The ruling has caused a great deal of criticism in Mexico, with gender activist Estefanía Vela Barba saying, 'Isn't it sexual abuse if you touch her sexually and don't enjoy the act? They aim to cause humiliation, even if they don't have fun. They touched her and disturbed her peace. Yet, for the judge, without fun, it's not sexual abuse. ' 'The crazy woman wasn't saying, but the court said,'If someone touches you against your will, the act may not be abuse.'' It is. '

Two of the three other than Cruz have been accused of rape because the girl's father started a social movement to blame the criminal men. Initially, authorities ignored the case for several months, but the case came to light when the girl's father brought the story to the publisher with a movie showing three men confessing. increase. It was often featured on TV, newspapers, and SNS, and it was the son of an elite family who caused the incident. happened. And finally, I was charged.

The ruling has also been criticized by the media, and the prosecution has disputed the ruling and has indicated its willingness to appeal. 'In such a serious case, the defendant will be detained until the appeal is finalized,' the Federal Judiciary Council said. In addition, the situation will be investigated and Judge Hemadi will be suspended.

Fifteen months after the incident, the victim girl said on her Facebook page, 'I have nothing to regret. I went to a party and wore a miniskirt like other girls of my age. Will I be judged for that? Am I worthy of what happened to me? '

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