Spider-Man movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming" The latest trailer appears as Iron Man is getting scolded

Marvel Hero Spiderman, also popular in Japan, announced on August 11, 2017 that "Spider-Man: HomecomingI will return to the theater again. In the new Spider-Man, a deep connection with Avengers, especially Iron Man's Tony Stark is drawn, and the latest trailer that makes you feel the unprecedented story expansion is released.

The latest trailer is also released on YouTube, and you can see from the following.

Movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Latest Notice of Prohibition! - YouTube

The mark on the chest part of Spiderman suddenly starts moving ......

The latest trailer starts from the flying scene.

This boy who runs safe is Spider-Man: Peter Parker, the main character of homecoming.

Peter who begins something suddenly behind the alleys of little traffic lights.

I will start changing clothes to suit in the back alleys of the alley.

It seems like something does not fit in something something ......

The suit fitted to the body when you hit the chest mark.

Just firing the thread from the wrist ...

I will run through between buildings.

There is plenty of teenager feeling around when you talk to passersby "How are you?

Next, Iron Man talks with Tony Stark. "Do you have an exam to get into the Avengers?"

"You should do your best in your neighborhood"

It should have been advised that "do not overdo" ... ...

As soon as I am a spider-man, my friends will fall apart.

The word "Spider-Man ... YouTube?" Is full of modern sense of childishness.

"Can you speak with a spider?"


"Do you know him?"

"I stole a shield", "Sybil War / Captain AmericaPeter talks proudly about the event at.

A scene changed and "a rich man like Stark can not stand" and a villain who throws out spirits appeared.

"I will change the world", we are doing experiments of some weird weapons.

"It's our time"

With metal rotor ...

Equipped with multiple burners ...

"Valcher" with machine feathers appeared.

"That monster is dangerous"

"Forget about him"

It should have been admonished by Tony Stark, "Leave it up to the Avengers" ... ...

Spider-man keeps on hero activities without hesitation.

Vulture appeared there ... ...

The ship explodes and it seems to be broken into two.

Spider-man who tries to hold a ship with thread while saying "gloomy mazu".

The state of trying to stop the ship from breaking with thread in both hands is reminiscent of the scene where Spider-Man tried to stop the train with Spider-Man 2.

Iron Man appeared there

Passengers on the ship will be saved.

However, "Do not get in tune"

"Return the suit yet soon"

"There is no qualification to wear a suit," Peter who can cast hard words from Tony Stark.

Scene changes again, Spiderman blowing away.

Of course the opponent is Vulcher, and a fierce battle will be unfolded.

However, as Peter picked up the suit, he wears goggles on a red knit, looking like a spider's fateful cosplay.

It is a state of no wish to be made in front of a violent vulcher.

"I will die"

"Even important people ..."

Further scenes change, the top of the tower explodes.

When I climb this tower by myself, the mark of my chest appears to fly away somewhere.

Can Spiderman save people ...?

Spider man who sticks thread to Vulcher and fly around in the air.

It seems to be caught up in an engine of an airplane, but what on earth will it become?

"Spider-Man: Homecoming"

"Do not be stupid"

"I can do it"

"Did you understand?"

"of course!"

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is open to the public on August 11, 2017 (Friday · Friday).

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