An amazing movie that clearly shot the state of cell division as the surface of the sphere is divided one by one

Instead of shooting movies, you can connect pictures taken in single-frame shooting to make imagesTime lapse"Can be summarized in a few minutes to a few seconds taken taking a long time to make a very beautiful image,milky wayYaNight Buildings,Cities in the world are changing over 32 yearsIt is used in subjects such as. However, the filmmaker's video writerFrancis CheeChoosing the subject as the subject is a "frog egg". The state of cell division photographed over 33 hours is made into a picture of 23 seconds, and a clear image which makes me think "Is not it CG?" Is released on YouTube.

Cell Division Time lapse - YouTube

The appearance of the 4-cell stage of European frogs. It is a little confusing, but there are 4 lines in the vertical direction.

After a while, a gimmick and a horizontal line enter.

Through the 8 cell phase ... ...

It will be divided steadily.

Split from top to bottom.

It will become more and more finer. Because of the time lapse image, the state of splitting is very smooth, and there are striking things.

This picture was taken by a video artist Francis Chee using a microscope customized by himself. The method of illuminating the frog's egg with an LED and optical lens and placing the microscope on the anti-vibration table has been taken, but you can shoot well by detailed choices such as the state of the atmosphere, the egg of your choice, the skill of the operator, the type of water Because it changes, it seems that it took a considerable amount of effort to create the image.

In the comment section of the movie, the opinion "Is not it fake?" Was seen, but Chee replied "Thank you for seeing those who believe that the movie is genuine and do not believe it!" It was. However, since there are too many people who can not believe the movie, a movie showing the frog growing on March 27 is also released. And in the comments section of the movie, Chee commented that "We are watching CGI on television too, so if we see amazing images, we will think" it must be CGI. "

Tadpole Development Time Lapse - YouTube

In addition, Mr. Chee has released a number of other videos covering wild animals, and it is possible to see it on the YouTube channel below.

Francischeefilms - YouTube

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