Approximately 6000 yen Lightning terminal connection Hi-res compatible earphone "Anker SoundBuds Digital IE 10" review

Earphone jack has been discontinued iPhone 7/7 Plus can also be used successfully, Anker's Lightning terminal connection type high responder earphone "SoundBuds Digital IE 10"Has appeared at 10 AM on March 28, 2017 (Tue). In addition to the high-quality DAC processor, it has a 10 mm driver and it also has the IPX 3 waterproof standard, so I actually tried using the real thing that arrived at the editorial department.

Anker | SoundBuds Digital IE 10 | Black

SoundBuds Digital IE 10 is contained in a luxurious black box.

Pakkat and opened.

What is inside is the earphone body, travel porch, instructions.

In the special case, each size (S · M · L) of replacement ear tip · ear hook and cable hook are stored.

Earphone head part is like this. Earphone of canal type, with ear hook attached so that it is hard to remove when wearing.

There is a microphone between earphone and remote control, and hands-free calling and sound control by Siri are also possible. In addition, it uses high quality aluminum finish cables, and it also has durability to withstand over 10,000 folds.

The remote control simply has three buttons, "Raise the volume", "Play / stop", "Decrease the volume" from the top. Siri starts when you press the "Play / Stop" button twice to skip to the next song, skip to the previous song by pressing 3 times, and hold it for a long time.

The back of the remote control contains the "Anker" logo, and the side has a sound mode change button. "Balance mode" "Clear voice mode" "Super bus mode" can be switched each time it is pressed. It is the same aluminum finish as the earphone main body, not cheap design.

Since the tip is of course the Lightning terminal, the earphone jack was discontinued iPhone 7/7 Plus It can be used as it is without a converter.

I immediately connected to iPhone 7, "App is not installed" was displayed. Although the button to open the page of the App Store is displayed, it is OK to ignore it. When you press App Store, "Anker PlayYou can use it without problem even if this application is displayed.

With such a feeling, it fits perfectly to the ear. Even if I accompany you for running etc., it does not seem to come off.

As soon as I listened to the music, I felt that the bass frequently appeared at a level clearly understood than the earphone of 1000 yen or 2000 yen class and the genuine earphone of Apple. By switching among three kinds of sound modes, it is possible to distinguish between "super bus mode" where heavy bass worked when listening to music, "clear voice mode" when calling.An application that you can watch samples of high reso music for freeBut, I enjoyed the powerful sound. Since the DAC processor is built in, it becomes possible to build a high reso- lution environment by itself without going through a portable amp etc. compatible with DAC separately.

It is like this when put in a dedicated travel porch. It is a pleasant place to carry safely as it will not be crushed even if it overlaps with other baggage in the bag.

The price of SoundBuds Digital IE 10 is 5999 yen including Amazon with tax. On March 28th the day you can purchase 300 pieces only, discounted price of 20% off including 4799 yen including tax.

Amazon | Anker SoundBuds Digital IE 10 (Lightning Terminal Earphone) 【High Resolution / Apple MFi Authentication / IPX 3 Waterproof Standard / Internal Micropiece of Microphone】 iPhone, iPad, iPod Various | Earphone / Headphone Mail Order

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