Headline news on March 27, 2017

Companies participating in Nikoniko Super Meeting 2017 compete in presentation preliminary and final race "Super -1 Grand Prix 2017Democratic Progressive Party to be exhibited at the "Prime Minister" can simulate the pursuit of the lotus chronology table "VR lotusWe announced.

He seems to be able to experience the Diet deliberation at the VR while being detected as a prime minister as Prime Minister, "Keep the normal heart and fulfill the duties of the prime minister!"

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Where is the difference between 3DS and Nintendo 2DS 'unlimited' 3DS game played at just 10,000 yen? - GIGAZINE

Personality seen as a real human Figure super figure with real muscle "Super Flexible Mail Seamless Body" - GIGAZINE

A new stadium watching guide made from 14 billion yen donation of Gamba Osaka whose sight view of football changes completely - GIGAZINE

It turned out that the parasite parasitizing also in the human body is distorting the behavior and personality of the host - GIGAZINE

IKEA Announces Temporary Houses Built in Solar Panels Can Be Assembled in 4 Hours - GIGAZINE

Two types of Japanese fonts which can be used for commercial purposes at no charge "Tokito Morning" "Toki Gothic" - GIGAZINE

Tried using the highly functional online ToDo list "Toodledo" for free - GIGAZINE

I made various things with "non-flyer" which makes fried foods with hot air without using any oil - GIGAZINE

What happened to Armenia after making chess compulsory education - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Microorganisms move between seven planets resembling the Earth? | National Geographic Japanese version site

People in Japan and people in North America have different ways of finding things - Kyoto University

Confirmation of suppression of aging by long-term intake of lemon polyphenols (March 27, 2017) | News Release | Sapporo Holdings

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
"Like a servant ..." Official staff of the Prime Minister's official residence seen by the writer: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A government official with Mrs. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 's wife Mrs. Akie wife attending attention is gathered due to the sale of the state - owned land to the school corporation' Moriho Gakuen '. Relationship with Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Akie who calls "secretary" with officials - is -. Mr. Taeko Ishii, a writer, told Mr. Akie about his visit to the Prime Minister's official residence.

Panasonic restructuring again looking for 6 business revenue sources such as digital camera, suffering electric machine: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Return home to Fukushima" Ignore homeroom teacher evacuation bullying, student experience: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Beatless innocence: An eyewitness testimony made up, rushed up at LINE - Mainichi Newspaper

The Tokyo District Court (Mr. Takahiro Mikami) gave rise to innocence in October last year (requested by former president) to a former Chinese female employee (52) who was charged with assaulting to beat a Chinese woman who runs a snack (57) It was found that he was giving out a fine of 150,000 yen. As a result of verifying the manager's free communication application "LINE (line)" in the courtroom, the possibility that customers were involved with the customer came up and it was determined that there was no evidence to admit beating. The Tokyo District Public Prosecution did not appeal and innocence was confirmed.

Securities trading etc. supervisory committee recommends disposition to everyone's credit, professional bloggers wearing and fucking in Tokyo from the mountain in Kochi also invested 100,000 yen · Recommended: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Officials ... ... Restoration ... regime, "three hands" of escape Moritomo issue: Asahi Shimbun Digital

About "degree" in bureaucrats' world "What you can say for sure" | Shiro Kohara

【Precision】 Appearance · Mr. Kimura Kota's commentary on Morigomi is overly bogged down as a topic! Net "I want you to go out to a wide show instead of Tan"

Kota Kimura "Management of official documents is important, this time we have to ask for the responsibility of not having properly documented left.The responsibility of those who did not know if not understood, If it is, it is the responsibility of the person who made the rule.The regulator is the Minister of Finance, so I want the Minister of Finance to clarify with responsibility. "

(PDF)Started "smartphone ATM" service

JR Shikoku to maintain revenue balance on deficit route Maintenance of railway network: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
The distance of the kindergarten who started Amway suddenly Pear mama → From the kindergarten to the situation that the document "Attention to MLV" is distributed to parents - Togetter Summary

The reality that the contents of Hallowa's job information are often different from the actual situation - Togetter Summary

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Make your own glittering material with UV resin.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Mini Universal Scissors (LFX-20-200) is versatile?

No fool is needed anymore Center test and deviation value rank order end of society (1/4) | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publication

I participated in the graduation ceremony with the cosplay of the students - Maeda with a reputation for jumping power

Beginning of the end of the Japanese style package tour as seen from the slump crowd - couple relocating to Phuket

Cancellation policy of hotel in Japan is abnormal. Cancellation fee free until arrival. It can not be seen such worldwide.

If you had received such a thing, you can not do anything if you put a lot of reservations and cancel them all before last.

It is a travel agency in Japan that is doing so dead.

The infamous names of travel agencies in Japan are reverberating around the world. Many hotels have no reservation. In general, they will deposit the deposit at the booking stage, and in the case of cancellation it will collect it as a cancellation fee.

Have you ever wondered watching the travel brochure?

"Scheduled to be held on March 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29! "

There is no time for this to depart at the moment. I can only put out about one or two roughly.

BMW Motorrad's first electric scooter "C evolution" is on sale! - Autoblog Japanese version

Shiga Prefecture establishes the "Biwichi Promotion Office" in the new year as one unit - cyclist

In order to promote tourism with 'Biwaichi' circling Lake Biwa with bicycle etc., we set up 'Bioriti Promotion Office' inside the tourism exchange office. We will promote the development of the running environment of the bicycle, the improvement of the transportation system, and tourism measures together. Governor Crescent Moon said, "I want to do my best to make Shiga a holy place for" Cycle Tourism ".

Cycle road ~ Road to bicycle / Requests that may lead to misundering | Compassion 1.5 m Movement: Side spacing: Safe driving obligation: Overtake: west - midlands - police:

In the UK, the idea is that the bicycle should give the same traveling space as the car. It is necessary to leave about 75 cm from the left end of the road. In addition to the right side of the bicycle, it seems to think that it is about the same space as the width of the car, so that the lateral interval is about 1.5 m.

In reality, there are not many drivers to overtake without having a safe interval in the UK. Although it was enforced there, it is not necessarily only a malicious driver who does not necessarily take safety into consideration. It is certain that there are variations in the interval considered safe or that the measurements vary depending on the person.

In other words, even though you think that it is a safe interval, even if you know that it is about 1.5 m or so, there should have been some people with a large gap between the eye observation from the driver's perspective and the actual interval. Therefore, I thought not only to pay attention orally but to show how much lateral spacing of about 1.5 m was on the spot.

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
【Sad news】 Google, Block the SSL certificate issued by Symantec to Block: IT bulletin

A note about what Symantec lost Google's trust again - Technically, technophobic.

U.Bober, an automobile accident accident during testing Arizona State: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Whether fully automatic operation has disappeared at the end of the verification test at Hoover? (Mitsuhiro Kunizawa) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Basically car manufacturers do not think that they can do fully automatic driving. Because we have to solve so many tasks including responsibility at the time of the accident, just as I wrote several times in Yahoo news, I can not solve it unless I have to go into problems of philosophy, religion or life view. I will not be able to take a consensus.

Uber is "a sinking mud shoot" What does mean successive executive retirement mean? | ZUU online

GoPro officially launches domestic release of stabilizer grip "Karma Grip" - Phile-web

Also Japan's first attempt "Let's go with a relaxed train"! March 28 "Keikyu Line App" Start of Distribution! | 2016 | News Releases | Corporate · IR Information | 【KEIKYU WEB】 Keikyu Dentetsu Official Site

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Girl "Masked Rider" is born! The second person in history is Poppies - Performing Arts: Nikkan Sports

Danosuke Sato as a writer Ranobet = Daisuke Wakaya with Eros, violence and Big Mouth - Various laps

That writer who is a big mouse but has enough literary talent to win it has passed away while running away.

Origin of manga artist · feathers Chika "memories of high school students & company employees era" - itLIFE by FRaU (It Life by Flow)

"Kemono Friends" from the viewpoint of 3DCG Episode 4 The second episode [little memo]: Daily modeling of petit 3DCG modeler - Blog magazine

[Your reason is that you have a reseller] From now on I can print a couple of them, promise me, because I will receive pictures of spring comic after I promised you? Regards, DM sending unilaterally DM, and the response of Ms. Mee 's fans and people outside the FF - Togetter Summary

Splatoon 2 trials Small skills and tips etc. # Splatoon 2 # Injection Round # NintendoSwitch - Togetter Summary

Osaka · Takatsuki "Yayoi restaurant" Imamus special demands sacred place Fan matrix: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Shin Megami Tensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY" PV - YouTube

"Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology" PV - YouTube

"Theatrical Version Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya Under the Snow Oath" PV - YouTube

The final story / AnimeJapan 2017 lifting ban - YouTube

TV animation "Maid in Abyss" PV 1st bullet - YouTube

Uma daughter Pretty derby 1st bullet trailer movie - YouTube

TV animation "Maho shogun round" PV 1st bullet - YouTube

Sparkling ☆ Pretty Cure Ara Mode - YouTube

TV anime "Littlewitch Accademia" 2nd Cool PV - YouTube

RWBY Volume 1-3: The Beginning PV - YouTube

"High School Fleet OVA" PV - YouTube

TV anime "Advance Giant" Season 2 PV 2nd - YouTube

"Are you going to the end? Are you busy? Should I save you?" PV (Overseas Version) - YouTube

"M Ste" x "Movie version SAO" special video - YouTube

TV animation "Princess Principal" PV 1st bullet - YouTube

Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS Tiza PV - YouTube

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: game company sales world ranking www

【Supra Toon 2】 Examination Great Reflection Meeting Place | Splatoon Capture - Naavari Breaking News

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Even if you become a friend on switch
Especially I can not exchange messages
How do you communicate?

813: Please enter your name (Wachoi be 35 - SQbv) 2017/03/26 (Sunday) 21: 08: 35.94 ID: cHV 0 + Dtq 0
>> 790
Where live? Tell me the line

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Rare village injured, Turn Uchino Fuji in the reverse championship game: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hawk @ Hawks Summary Blog: Rare village, reversal of obsession V! Winning a win against Fuji Turin

813: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2017/03/26 (Sun) 18: 34: 34 ID: KHN
White Peng said, a strong man became Ozeki, finally I knew the meaning of a person with fate becoming a grand champion

【Good news】 WBC, audience mobilization number, goods sales and viewer rating all the time wwwwwww: What's Jiyui stadium @ N J summary

WBC finals Puerto Rico wonderful audience rating 70%! In the US, up to 3.1 million people watch it: Nanjai Stadium @ N J Summary

[Japan national team] 97 preliminary registered members of the World Cup qualifying prefecture are found! Suzuki Yumaki, Nakajima Shunya, Nagasawa Shunha 8 new people | Football Digest Web

As of September of last year, 89 people were in Japan, but 8 people were newly added to total 97 people. He belongs to FW Suzuki Yumaki in Rashiri in Kashima, belongs to DF Muroya Nari (FC Tokyo) of the Rio Olympic Games, MF Nakajima Shunya (FC Tokyo), FW Suzuki Musashi (Niigata), Bulgaria's Belo · Stara Zagora MF Kato Kenpei, MF Esaka Osamu (Omiya), MF Hashimoto Kenito (FC Tokyo), FW Nagasawa Hayao (G Osaka) are newly registered.

The Japan Football Association, a profit of 1.3 billion yen in record revenues! : Footballnet 【Football Summary】

45: Mr. Nanashi @ I'm sorry @ Reprint without permission 2017/03/26 (Sunday) 18: 54: 55.48 ID: OtJUfuew 0
If girls' representatives can not go to Rio, they will not be able to increase their profits or laugh.

Fujieda MYFC lacking GK will play the game at the age of 54 at the age of 54 at Sygymar with GK coach. The oldest record renewal surely: Domestica blog

◆ J small net ◆ Image of the shock during the game after the beginning of the J1 dawn is the best 5 ... ...

Praise and memorial voices for "# and so many" that Tsunehiko Watase became herself - Togetter Summary

Commentary "Waseda business in Qingyuan was defeated": Nanjei Stadium @ N J Summary

【MotoGP Qatar GP】 Opening game ... Yamaha newcomer Viñales wins victory | Response (Response.jp)

F1 Australia Grand Prix Final: Sebastian Vettel Winning Alonso Retired: F1 Communication

Vettel Wins 2017 Australian Grand Prix | Race Highlights - YouTube

Sebastian Vettel, "I can not believe it!" [F1-Gate.com] to win the race in the opening game

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Started selling mellow scent and thick melon cream "Melonpan of commitment" 3/28 (Tue) | Press release | MINISTOP

MINISTOP'S PREMIUM FREEDay is "Two" 's tok In March, "Soft Cream" & "X Fried Potatoes" | Press Release | MINISTOP

"Salti lyche from Kitchen of the world giraffe" May 2 (Tue) Renewal pouch · Concentrated type renewed on May 16 (Tue) | 2017 | News release | Giraffe

Our company's first! Matcha chocolate with a recipe different from ordinary "Meiji the chocolate profound umami green tea" released nationwide from Tuesday, April 11 | Meiji Co., Ltd.

"Meisei Chalera Cup Sharp Soy Sauce / Barikita Pork Bone" "Megane Nonfly Charmera Bowl Pork Bone" (released on March 27)

"Akashi Barikata Spicy Pork Tonkotsu" (released on April 24)

"Strawberry" of classic flavor from Japan's first Greek yogurt "dense Greek yoghurt partheno" appears new! | Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd.

(PDF)First Bandai medicated toothpaste favorite character to raise the spontaneity to brushing to prevent tooth decay! "Medicated tooth gel gel shimmer ☆ Pretty Cure Aramode" released in sequence from Thursday, April 13, 2017

New sensation diet support drink "Kobara support Muscat flavor" newly released / CM Character appointed Ishida Nicole | Taisho Pharmaceutical

News release Change the common sense of interior doors! New interior door series "famitto (family)" that can be designed freely by pasting wallpaper is released | YKK AP Co., Ltd.

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