Twitter that you can use for free is finally reported as planning to offer paid service

One of Twitter's official client applications "TweetDeckAs a result of analysis, it is clear that Twitter plans to offer paid services for heavy users.

Twitter might build a paid subscription service for power users - The Verge

Pay for Twitter? A Subscription Service For Power Users Could Be On The Cards | Digital Trends

We plan to offer paid services for heavy users who use Twitter for business purposes such as Twitter's 'official account of brand that sends out information for users' and 'media account distributing news' for business purposes Overseas news mediaThe VergeIt reports.

The source of The Verge was the journalist'sAndrew TabaniHe is creating a mockup image of a screen where various information can be seen at a glance, which may be said to be "an evolutionary version of TweetDeck" provided by paid service from own Twitter account.

Apparently, paid service seems to be like a client application like TweetDeck or a dedicated web page, and sophisticated information that will not be displayed on web version of Twitter or official application seems to be displayed together. Items classified for each column are displayed so that appearance is similar to TweetDeck. The items displayed include Analytics and Breaking News reports, which seem to be able to check multiple items at once on one screen.

The Verge asked if there is a plans for paid service on Twitter, a spokesman said, "We regularly gather feedback on the user's Twitter experience and help us decide which service to focus on Also I'm thinking about some ways to make TweetDeck more valuable for professional use. "The comment came back. As you can see from the comment, TweetDeck may be expanded to provide some functions for a fee, but the details are currently unknown.

Advertising revenue declinedFor Twitter, paid services have the potential to become an important revenue source. "It is unknown whether advanced analytics services and others will be beneficial to Twitter's business, but considering the problems Twitter is currently facing, investing in core services seems to be a good news for the user," The Verge says.

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