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ASUS, like Surface Pro kickstand type & keyboard detachable 2 in 1 "ASUS TransBook T304UAWe announced. It is also compatible with pen input by "ASUS Pen", it has a 7th generation Core processor and adopts 1260 × 1440 high definition 12.6-inch WU + LCD for display. Four models with different CPU, memory, storage and so on are available and are on sale from the middle of April.

Introducing 2-in-1 mobile PC "ASUS TransBook T304UA" that realizes functionality × practicality × possibility to choose according to application

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A movie that shows that the 360-degree next-generation pornographic image seen with the VR headset is overwhelmingly immersive compared with the past - GIGAZINE

What is the only word to turn anxiety and worry into success? - GIGAZINE

Real-time simulation of black hole based on physics will be like this - GIGAZINE

We crawled around the streets of Taiwan to get the world's first 4 GB memory suicide "ZenFone 2" - GIGAZINE

Nazi · German hideout is discovered in secluded nature reserve - GIGAZINE

Clearly that chronic sleep deprivation damages the nerves of the brain - GIGAZINE

I traveled the world for one year Reason why I start in "traditional crafting" - GIGAZINE

Bulletproof glass made iPhone protector shoot and it was found that the bullet penetrated with surplus - GIGAZINE

Mouse "BAT" made to float in the air with magnetic force so as not to strain the wrist - GIGAZINE

A movie that emphasizes that the cat is actually a ninja is not an urban legend - GIGAZINE

World-classified color-coded map of male genitalia - GIGAZINE

Egyptian women exposed to "virginity test" - GIGAZINE

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Try removing the cover of the calm binding book ... (lower neta note) - Togetter Summary

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | I will see what I made with PENTAX magnifier (magnifier).

Black hole hit NASA, reaction of gravity wave - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Genetic variation of cancer, mostly "random mistakes" in DNA Research pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

Yellow sand capturing contaminants, Observation successful Kyushu Univ .: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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London terrorism, the victim is four suspects, suspects alone, Asahi Shimbun Digital

British parliamentary raid, IS identifies a crime committing offense, 8 people "5 terror preparations" alleged photographs 5 international news: AFPBB News

Car in runaway in Belgium, men restraint firearms and cutlery preparation photographs 8 international news: AFPBB News

Mori Tomo Gakuen: Mrs. Abe's Mrs. Response of Official Residence Fax (Full Text) - Mainichi Shimbun

Abe Aki - I will comment on Mr. Kanonke's testimony in the Diet today. ... | Facebook

Analysis of Akira Abe's facebook analysis and evidence value (Watanabe Akito) - Individual - Yahoo! News

In this way, Mr. Akie 's explanation text is very advanced "Kasumigaseki literature", so it is a content that the person' s voice is not heard. Unfortunately, the credibility of Mr. Kanaike's testimony who testified under the sanctions of perjury is far short. In the case of examining witnesses in a court it is common to interrogate both parties who are deemed to have problematic interactions as witnesses. I listen to the testimonies of both sides and compare which one can be trusted. If Mr. Akie does so far in フ ェ イ ス ブ ッ ク, I wonder if we should testify as a witness in the National Assembly.

"Mr. Kake Ike, I felt to speak frankly" The viewpoint of former prosecutor: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I felt Mr. Kake Ike speaks frankly. When you tell a lie, you may feel uncomfortable because you do not speak, or questions and answers do not mesh. I did not have such impression much this time. Descriptions of the scenes that took and received 1 million yen were concrete, and there was also fidelity.

Mr. Kakeike, Mr. Akie's fax reading aloud, the House of Representatives: Asahi Shimbun Digital

In the interaction with Mr. Hayashi, when the topic advances to the fax saying that Shozo Abe's Prime Minister Shozo sent from the side, Mr. Kake Ike said "When I see this," a copy of FAX from the envelope I tried to give out. Despite being stopped, the interior rose at once.

Mori Tomo Gakuen: Mrs. Abe's Mrs. Response of Official Residence Fax (Full Text) - Mainichi Shimbun

"Mr. Kake Ike is dignified" Sense of crisis that bullies against the government and battle outside the anticipation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"The facts are different from Mr. Kake Ike's Diet testimony." Chief Cabinet Secretary Kannoe Wei emphasized at a press conference on the 23rd afternoon. Mr. Kan handed out copies of the faxes sent by Mr. Akie to Mr. Kake Ike, etc., which was politicized by the witness summons just before that, to reporters. "The wife is not involved in the contents," he said repeatedly that it was an interaction with the staff member Mr. Kankei.

It is unusual for Mr. Kan to deliver the materials discussed at the National Assembly to reporters and to explain it, which is an exaggeration to the fact that Mr. Akie is drawn into the whirlpool. Another official residence official told reporters a paper that printed mail exchanges between Mr. Akie and Mr. Kake Ike on the evening of the 23rd, "Mrs. Akie went to Mr. Kakeike's wife's long sentence several times "I only reply shortly once," he said, expressing that Mr. Akie's relationship is thin.

Involvement of staff with Mr. Akie, Land problem of Moriho Gakuen admitted by Minister Kan: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Minister Chief Cabinet Secretary Kannoei also admitted that the staff moved to the inquiry at the request of Mr. Kake Ike, but denied Mr. Akie 's involvement. The opposition parties are strengthening their offensive, including asking Mr. Akie 's witness summon.

The ruling party "Mr. Kake Ike's testimonials are bullshit" No response to Mrs. Akie's invitation to the National Assembly - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

【Moriho Gakuen issue】 "I was disappointed with the Prime Minister" "I pray" Mrs. Akie Abe's and Mr. Yasunori Kankei's wife's mail exchange summary (1/3 page) - Sankei News

【February 25, Heisei 29】

Mr. Kakeike wife (abbreviation) The director gets a mission from heaven and builds a school. I am doing with my belief for the sake of the state. I am not doing something spoiled.

I want to believe Mrs. Akie. However, even when asking the explanation of the director, I can not speak so that people can convince me.

Mr. Kake Ike wife (abbreviation) What is persistence? I was disappointed with Prime Minister Abe. My husband is a bad guy.

The way Mrs. Akie receives it is each one. I went to Takejima island of Lake Biwa and prayed. I also feel I understood the role of Mr. Kanonpage. It will be painful, please do its best. Thank you very much.

The ruling party "Mr. Kake Ike's testimonials are bullshit" No response to Mrs. Akie's invitation to the National Assembly - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Osaka Prefectural Assembly, Governor Mr. Muiyoshi advocates for Moritomi issue also agrees with: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Switzerland's central bank seeking diversification of foreign exchange reserve managers = director | Reuters

Mr. Hugerty nominates President Trump for Ambassador to Japan | NHK News

Saitama Prefectural Police - Sankei news announced that arrested a chargeman of charge, more than dozens of cockroaches in Anison live

Postponement of green car plan of JR East, Chuo Line - Sankei news

"Do not bully" committed suicide 3 Public real names of female students Father "I want to move the board of education" Ibaraki - Sankei News

Statement claimed by London terror, IS system criminal passers-by deaths: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Not warranting restraint "illegal" stimulant case, innocent judgment on defendant: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Hokkaido Shinkansen 1st year: a role in increasing tourists Guest business use has not increased - Mainichi Newspapers

Serious food shortage in North Korea, United Nations led report photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

21 deaths at care facilities for the vulnerable, detained the director China picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

Send a naked picture to a girls student with a naked picture Shooting of a woman in an outdoor bath ... disciplinary punishment for 4 teachers and staff Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education (1 / 2page) - Sankei WEST

Doubt that a woman's DV consultation touched, sent police officers documents Aichi: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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KEISUI ART STUDIO | Solid amber sugar is not a failure. The remedy.

Why Adhesive Bloomers Popularized in Educational Sites | Slad

The matter that interpreter of Foreign correspondent association troubled translating '忖 」', after all it became" sontaku "after all - Togetter Summary

Lawsuit is also happening "Is not it possible to give graduation celebration to children without PTA?" (Reiko Otsuka) - Individual - Yahoo! News

I can not give away the drum type washing and drying machine, but as dust collects surprisingly, I will take measures (take determination) - I AM A DOG

Motivation is a success experience, techniques are bred by failure experiences. | Books & Apps

Gifts tax may occur in the three sacred treasures handed down to successive Emperor - buying books and radio equipment Kawafa Shobo (JA2FJG)

Marijuana of the seized confiscated product, the culprit is a "mouse" and an Indian police picture 1 international news: AFPBB News

More than half of LGBT surveys experience bullying at school | NHK News

CNN.co.jp: FRB chairman, alarm bell to fix gaps "Poor children, poverty after adult"

Mr. Yellen cited the results of the latest survey of unpublished FRB. Over the past few years this survey was conducted on 8,000 to 9,000 people randomly selected.

In this survey, the Fed asked whether they felt uneasy about whether adequate food is available in childhood, whether adults who always take care of them, and whether safety is being preserved or not . More than 50% of those who answered "being" faced an economic difficulty now when they were adults.

On the other hand, among those who said that they had never felt such anxiety, only 25% of those who were stalled economically.

Girls' graduation ceremony with cosplay etc Kyoto University 2888 nesting - Sankei WEST


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ImageMagick · Image synthesis technology using Blender - Pixive image processing engineer talks (3) - pixiv inside

Have you become your development, Hype (hype) Driven Development? - Qiita

Phishing council Council of Anti-Phishing Japan | News | Emergency information | Phishing fighting web money (2017/03/24)

Google Musou ... tomorrow! GA complete collaboration A / B test tool "Google Optimize free edition" finally released - BITA Digima Lab

When saying "Do not advertise", the number of people who encourage them to "advertise!" - Police officers blog since becoming fired

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Infini-T Force (Infinity Force) Teaser PV - YouTube

Anime song listen all 10 companies including Bangnam, delivered at 600 yen per month: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Movie Doraemon Nobita's Antarctic Kichikochi Adventure" was a love craft "Madness Mountains" "Started in 5 seconds Cthulhu Rampage" - Togetter Summary

Listen to the ten years until "Your name is": Nikkei Business Online

In the inner ring talk, last summer when calling the Toho public relations department on the matter of "Shin · Godzilla", since the music on hold was the advertisement of "Your name is.", "Oh, Shinkai's work, I will take care of you, I will go see the face of Ms. Kawaguchi after a long absence. "I thought that I was truly embarrassed, and immediately asked for a four-sidedyard story by pressing it. Then it became "a big hit aimed at 10 billion yen" in a flash, and in a panic, I applied for interview again.

Mr. Kawaguchi's reply was "Would you wait three years if it is an interview?"

While the signs of a big hit were overflowing, my remarks behind the production company president, even if it was small, did not want to have a bad influence on the movie. However, there were also approaches from other companies, and it was decided that I would be able to interview me because I got a limited number of coverage.

However, another problem arises. If you read another interview, Mr. Kawaguchi speaks frankly, if you decide to speak. Moreover, it is interesting.

The movie is literally a record hit, and even if the interview postings are delayed somewhat it will not be a problem. Even if I make use of the original words as much as possible, it seems to come out shortly after the release so that Mr. Kawaguchi will not be troubled. If so, screening will not end even if we wait for too much popularity ....

It was indeed troubled and consulted with Mr. Kawaguchi, it became public at this time. Although it may have been necessary to update to the latest story, dare to tell as "frank words" as of last September. It is my responsibility to post it late, I would like to have sea. I think that 's interesting.

A masterpiece and features of "Laputa narrative" "Laputa thing" - Where is the important key to succeed - Togetter Summary

Readers, manga artists, about the real excitement of Professor Takahashi Rumiko from editing in charge - Togetter Summary

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【Fashion Geek】 Humiliated, Saint Laurent "Extreme Advertisement" is a controversy ... Photo of a model widely opened, French authorities request change (1/2 page) - Sankei WEST

Kubo's 23-year-old A's first ever goal for the 34-year-old Konno is returning to the rest! Khalil J rejoins the UAE and finished second behind | Gexaca

One step deeper analysis of UAE warfare, Takashi Fukunishi. Imono in a row, Kagawa is ... .... - Japan national football team - Number Web - number

Japan, a victory to the UAE of reasoning! Kubo's first goal! Konno additional points! Kawashima nice save Harraru ruler: footballnet [Football summary]

62: Mr. Anonymous @ I'm sorry I can not reprint without permission 2017/03/24 (Fri) 02: 23: 03.14 ID: 8 gnI 60 IU 0
Hironoru who appointed Konno

Congratulations · First-time goal! "Yuki Kubo has raised ○ ○" Summary: Domestica blog

Ukraine, Russia "Wheelchair Diva" Entry prohibited song festival: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Ukrainian security authorities on Tuesday said that Yuriya Samoirova (27), a Russian delegate from Europe 's biggest song festival in Europe "Eurovision" held as a singer of a wheelchair, was forbidden to enter the country for three years We announced. Mr. Samoirova had a problem with Russia playing in Ukraine at the Crimea in 2015.

Russia is strongly rebelling against the decision, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement that criticizes as "morbid anti-nationalism."

"The world that everyone is cool with is changed" The future of "personality" leading by Ryuu Teiru - Yahoo! News

46 years old active wrestler Retirement wrestler, cooking "arm is sumo wrestling world" Introduction · Hokuto Ryu wins the battlefield and splits into a ring: sports warning

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Topics: 【Preliminary】 WONDERFUL EASTER

"Giant Capricco "

(PDF file)Signal that was not reachable is in your hand Official public article series 2nd bullet is released sequentially from late March at traffic light "Japan Signal Miniature Lighting Collection" gacha.

ASUS announces 2-in-1 mobile PC "ASUS TransBook T304UA": Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Mail order of LCD monitor & laptop compatible dual arm (914688) 【Shanghai wholesaler】 | Shanghai wholesale store

NEWS | 【3/31 (Fri)】 Limited 20 meals! We offer Premium Friday Set! | SUSHI (Sushi) · Sushi Rotary Sushi

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