Headline news on 21st March 2017

"Rika chan" and "Mingishu chalmera" who had been fascinated by the hearts of many children from the Showa era to the present age collaborated with "Ming star Chalera Cup Rika-chan noodle onion gratin taste / pot-tu flavor"Will be released on May 1, 2017.

"Meisei Chalera Cup Ricca-chan Noodle Onion Gratin Flavor / Potfo Taste" (released on May 1) News Release: Akashi Foods

The two menus that appear this time are set to "I can not stop eating somehow because it taught from Rika's grandmother in France, cup of the onion gratin soup and potato taste transmitted to the Miramond family".

In onion gratin taste package, on the front side (left) is Rika-chan eating onion gratin in places like a cafe and Rika-chan who cosplayed Uncle Charlea's cosplay on the back surface (right) was properly designed It is. Soup is based on consommé soup with chicken and beef flavor, onion gratin soup with roasted onion flavor and cheese, diced seasoned meat and cheese, onion, red pepper, bean and ribbon shaped Naruto It is said that there are combinations.

Rika-chan who wears a pink dress, Rika-chan of Uncle Charlemera cosplay is also decorated with the potoff flavor. The soup is based on chicken and pork, potato soup with cabbage cabbage, cabbage, onion, carrot vegetable taste and accented flavor with spice is used, and potato, cabbage, bacon, egg , Ribbon-shaped Naruto and so on are used as quickly.

These two items are a new menu that appeared after Rika-chan celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, which was born in 1967. In addition, the real thing of Chalmera Collaboration Rika is announced at the 50th anniversary commemorative Rika-chan exhibition held from March 22nd to April 3, 2017 in Tokyo · Matsuya Ginza, after that it is scheduled to visit the whole country nationwide . Two kinds of cup noodles are each 180 yen in tax price.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"I-dio" broadcasting expected as the "third broadcast" started, so I tried listening to the radio with a Wi-Fi tuner - GIGAZINE

Triple Three Yamada Tetsuhin fell in love with "Merchandise item gloves" I made a question about Mr. Hiroyuki Murata to Mr. Murata about making gloves - GIGAZINE

I ate a direct-burning charcoal burger that was familiar before McDonald's spread to America with San Francisco's "Al's Big Burger" - GIGAZINE

I went to the Kyoto noodle place "Noodle Shop Elek" which received hot support from ramen mania · manager who boasted a history of over 80 years in business and interviewed it - GIGAZINE

I tried staying at a student dormitory at Oxford University where I can have breakfast at a historic dining room - GIGAZINE

"The Making of Harry Potter" that you can visit the Griffin Dole discourse room and Hogwarts set used in the movie "Harry Potter" - GIGAZINE

Reproduced with a code of 1 KB or less that the character falls from the top of the movie "Matrix" - GIGAZINE

Amazon's CEO in the Apollo project used salvage from deep sea - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Millimeter wave and calcium line and sunspot seen with visible light | National Astronomical Observatory (NAOJ)

Saturn's satellite "Enceladus" Is the underwater approaching close to the ground? | Sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

The influence of dark matter was small, the galaxy of 10 billion years ago - AstroArts

Spring Equinox Day The sun rising to the temple of Maya civilization Mexico 10 pictures International news: AFPBB News

VW, start using quantum computer ... automaker first | Response (Response.jp)

NASA, under the trump regime, asteroid sample return "ARM" cancellation? | Sorae.jp: portal site to the universe (Sora)

KEISUI ART STUDIO | UV Resin (Photocurable Resin) A method of removing tack (stickiness) from after curing.

BBC is taking a picture near Mount Etna in Italy - YouTube

Hunter's syndrome: effects of drugs, breakthrough of the brain's "barrier" Clinical trials - Mainichi Newspaper

Pharmaceutical company JCR Pharma (Hyogo ken, Hyogo Prefecture) is a drug trial that attempts to improve the intellectual disorder that had not been treated before, with substances that became unnecessary in the cells of the whole body gathered and various symptoms appear, Ashiya city) starts from the end of March. It is the result of injecting a medicine by drip, passing through the "gate" of the blood vessel of the brain and delivering it to the nerve cell, and it can be expected to be applied to therapeutic drugs for other cranial nerve diseases such as Alzheimer's disease in the future.

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Shintaro Shitaro Governor, Shogakuku Shocking Confessions at the Hakka Royal Committee "I forgot every letter, even a hiragana was forgotten": Sports broadcast

Toyosu Hyakkei Committee: "I could not resist the big flow" Ishihara's former governor (1) - Mainichi Newspaper

Tokyo Metropolitan Liberal Democratic Party pointed out the safety risks of Tsukiji Market successively | NHK News

Ishihara former Governor Ishihara relocated to Toyosu responsibility can not be unveiled | NHK News

Toyosu problem Chairman Chief Market Manager argues that negotiation is appropriate | NHK News

"What do you do with Toyosu or Tsuzuki?" (Time theory public opinion) | Time theory public opinion | NHK commentary committee | Explanatory archives

Toyosu Market: 100 times Benzene "Transfer" Governor Koike Judge - Mainichi Newspaper

News Up "Predict future crime" | NHK News

Before a crime occurs, police officers go around the scene and prevent them before the crime commits. A world like a novel or a movie depicting the future may become a reality. In Kyoto, the police introduced the system for predicting when and where the crime occurred last year nationwide, and results are beginning to be produced. We interviewed the latest efforts to predict criminal offenses that occur in the future.

The only doctor on the island is threatened and refuge Okinawa · Kitaitojima full-time doctor absent | Okinawa Times + Plus News | Okinawa Times + Plus

A full-time doctor in the prefectural Kitaito clinic in Oita Prefecture Kitaoda-mura (population: 600 people) was found absent for more than a month from early February by 17th. A case where a full-time female doctor was intimidated by a man in the village occurred and why she evacuated outside the village. The clinic is currently working on dispatch dispatch from the prefectural hospital of the main island, but Chief Director Ieji Kitami of the prefectural hospital business department said, "I was forced that a motivated doctor had no choice but to leave the island in this way, I would like the village to accept it more heavily. " The village is trying to tackle measures such as securing the safety of physicians in cooperation with the government office and residential offices, and seeking full-time placement.

Mandatory treatment gap with regular employees, obliging explanation Gist of how to work Reform plan: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Battle of opposition and administration forces in eastern Damascus 47 people died: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Benesse information leakage, the second trial is a commutation "Great Fall in the Company" - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

3 Israel S.: Appeal the country ... "Secret leakage suspected suffering" - Mainichi Newspaper

"Do not cheat on conspiracy crime, national countermeasure against terrorism" Mr. Yamai Minami: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Conspiracy charges" bill, Cabinet decision Criminal law system, to a major transformation - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Morihiro Gakuen: "Donation record" School side presents - Mainichi Shimbun

Eiichi Shimizu, the chairman of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said that he received a donation of 1 million yen, the Mainichi Shimbun obtained a copy of the document that the school gave to the deposit and a copy of the document.

Morigoto Gakuen: Governor of Osaka Prefecture "All Directors Approved", No Advance Report - Mainichi Newspapers

【Mori School Gaku】 Mr. Kake Ike Testimonial "I met Mr. Inada last October" is a misinformation Red flag posted article cancellation (Yanai Humon) - Personal - Yahoo! News

【Moriho Gakuen problem】 "Are you familiar with the North and China?" Ishinagi, Yasushi Adachi, Representative of the House of Representatives, Criticizing the Democratic Party of Morigoto School's Problem Attack - Sankei News

Mori Tomo Gakuen 1 million yen transfer note | Nanzan law firm

Defense Minister Inada, there can be court "not in memory" over ten years ago? Lawyer 36 Perspective - Lawyer Dot Com

Is it possible to forget being present as an agent of a civil trial even though it was over ten years ago? I asked the attorneys who register with lawyer dot com.

Red flags are white flags! Hou, this is unusual | Hayakawa Tadataka 's single evolution · Newly known as "Hayakawa School"

TSUTAYA 's "CCC" acquires Tokuma Shoten merger acquisition - recession .com

CCC officially announces Tokuma Bookstore | NHK News

President Trump: dispatched cabinet watchdogs W post newspaper - Mainichi Newspaper

FBI Secretary "Mr. Putin violently hates Clinton" | JBpress | kinora (quinola)

Comrade to the Information Committee's top committee member Adam Schiff (Democratic Party), President Vladimir Putin fought hard for Hilary Clinton who became a Democratic presidential candidate in the first place, so he supported Mr. Trump, He testified that he had deployed a strategy to hurt him and the Democratic Party.

Trump regime, ban on carrying large electronic equipment to passenger aircraft from Middle East Photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

President Park joins the prosecution for the first time in suspected bribes | NHK News

Collusion between the trump camp and Russia 'No evidence' House Committee Chairperson picture 1 International news: AFPBB News

President of the Trump, the background of suspicion of "being eavesdropped" during the election | JBpress | kinora (quinola)

North Korea policy review of US Trump regime scorching earth and threatening in nuclear attack | NHK News

Trump president strongly condemns North Korean President Kim | NHK News

"Trump Care" The biggest loser falling into the spiral of death is the elderly white voter who voted for President Trumpu | JBpress (Japan Business Press)

US presidential security staff personal computer theft, trump tower floor plan etc photos 2 photos international news: AFPBB News

Mr. Trump 's surveillance theory by the UK institution is "unexpected nonsense" US NSA deputy director photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

About half of Canadians want repatriation of illegal immigrants, dissatisfaction with the prime minister = investigation | Reuters

The first television debate each candidate in the French presidential election challenges | NHK News

Among them, concerning the acceptance of immigrants and refugees, Mr. Rupen insisted that Mr. Rupen should not accept any more immigrants due to security maintenance and economic burden, while Mr. Macron crackdowned illegal immigrants Also argued that refugees should continue accepting for humanitarian reasons.

Furthermore, concerning the relationship with the EU, Mr. Rupen insisted that a referendum will be held asking whether to remain in the EU, "EU and the currency Euro created a large number of unemployed people, and poverty is becoming serious" On the other hand, Mr. Fryon criticized him with a strong tone, "Mr. Rupen insists on withdrawal from the EU and the euro and is trying to put the country into economic and social dislocation," Mr. Macron also said, Unlike Mr. Rupen, we aim to stay a strong nation while staying in the EU, "the difference in position became clear.

Mr. Rupen at the television debating campaign, French presidential photo 7 pictures International News: AFPBB News

Dutoute president, members of the European Parliament as 'funny heads of the head' 5 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Paris air raids in France, Security camera capturing the moment of incident occurrence Public photo 7 images International News: AFPBB News

McDonald's responds to card payment visiting customers at all stores: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Team Kameishi" who faced "GPS investigation" Six young lawyers, trajectory up to historical judgment - lawyer dot com

Until now, police GPS surveillance has been little known about its actual condition. It is because I kept it confidential, such as not writing the things that used GPS on the investigation documents.

The six lawyers who made their existence bright and made "wait" for the police investigation, both became lawyers after going to law school, younger than career of less than 10 years. Members are Lawyers of Mr. Kamishi Tsuneko (Chief Executive Officer), Kobishi Kensuke, Nishimura Kei, Ono Shunsuke, Tate Kosuke and My Wife Road in the 62 st period (December 2009, completion of judicial examinations). When I began to take charge of the incident, he said that it was about 4 years as a lawyer.

We shared the defense fee for one person for six people and almost fought nearly 3 years with a handbag. "Since I have little experience, I would like to look back on their progress," Kameishi lawyer "who faced the case faithfully to the fundamentals of the Constitution and Criminal Procedure Laws studied at law school.

The world's longest number, Mr. Gates is the leader of the fourth consecutive year Mr. Trump is a major recession photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

D · Rockefeller died, 101-year-old US Oil King's last grandchild 4 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Gender difference superior court of local public servant survivor pension judged constitutional constitution | NHK News

Specification of the wall claiming to make US President on the border with Mexico, public announcement | Slad

Brazilian meat, Inspector suspected bribery China and the EU suspended imports | Reuters

Brazilian meat injustice, China and the EU also hit import stopped economy 4 pictures International news: AFPBB News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
New Muppets on "Sesame Street", 1 photo on the theme of autism International News: AFPBB News

In the news program of US CBS "60 Minutes", I revealed about the new muppet "Julia" which will appear in the future program. Julia is said to be a setting of autism.

"Beer train" This year we also offer two round trips to Daisy Line of operation, first-come-first-served basis Keikyu (1/3) | Riding News

When the car's "♪ Quincon" disappeared? Wake not able to hear speed warning sound (1/2) | News on riding

Female college students who stay even after they finished eating "Rotary sushi" in the queue ... Is it possible to ask for leave? - Lawyer Dot Com

【Midosuji Line】 Floor surface induction sign like Pokemon starts operation at Umeda station - Osaka-Subway.com

The Seikan Tunnel Construction OB 2nd Seikan Tunnel "Honki's Quotation" Contents (1/5) | Riding News

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Aluminum pointed capsule swallowing medicine and ambulance

Smartphone is a lifeline for childcare: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Today, words sent to some junior high school students - between neuroscience and marketing - Being between Neuroscience and Marketing

Chiba Mitsukoshi, Voice and applause of "Thank you" in the history of 33 years: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Yasuo Uchida's unpopular declaration novel, final edition by public invitation: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Sushi Rotary "A girls group that keeps staying even after finishing eating ... Is it possible to ask stores to leave? - Livedoor blog

Limit village map 2010-2040 - A Successful Failure

Osaka prefectural police, introduced a four wheel drive vehicle "regional flying car" equipped with a large bumper as a measure against contact | Slad

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Technics's new analog player "SL-1200GR" is 148,000 yen, released on May 19th - Phile-web

"Direct Drive Turntable" SL-1200GR Released | Press Releases | Panasonic Newsroom Japan

Violation of the revised Air Laws There are 36 cases cleared for nationwide! | Japan Drone Media

Well, there was a story that we had arrested by domestic first drone flight, which we also told you at JDM last time,
Actually, the revised air law regulating the flight of drone on December 10 last year was enforced, and it turned out that the case which the police arrested for unauthorized flight up to now has reached 36 cases nationwide.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Lost Shock and SD cards.

Learn with React! Current web development // Speaker Deck

Apollo twin USB voice actor Kotori Koiwai's too serious DTM environment: Ken Fujimoto's "DTM station"

Remember three elements that teams can collapse - Internet memoirs

New US announcement of new service at US Airmember's big air bee and bee Japan | NHK News

Utilization of machine learning at Google and cloud service

Japan Communications, SOFTBANK's cheap SIM "b-mobile S opening SIM" will be released tomorrow | Nippon Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

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Legend Majestic Ideon 5/14 - 5/20 Yokohama · Cinema Novecento "LEGENDARY GIGAMY IDEON Touch Story" "Legend Majestic Ideon Invocation Hen" screening! News: Work information | SUNRISE Inc.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Angel Pigment Ink · Ballpoint Pen "Uniball Signo Angelic Color"

Director Shinkai Makoto's "5 centimeters per second" on terrestrial broadcast → Absolutely "Your name is. Do not look at sense! I will die. It is! It is! - Togetter Summary

"Correction fluid is a writing instrument" Cartoonist Mr. Kazuro Fujita's expression of emotions (the first part): Expression tool box

Professor Fujita Drawing with Kaburapen (toolbox of expression) - YouTube

A story saying that friends with an absolute voice tone "I understand the voice actor of the phone criminal who used the transformer and I knew the criminal without reasoning" - Togetter Summary

"Violet Evergarden" Violet Evergarden CM 2nd bullet - YouTube

TV anime "Whore of the whale sing on the sand" Tizar PV - YouTube

Golgo 13 Safety Gennan to corporate stakeholders overseas | NHK News

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Rock'n Roll founder Chuck Berry died, 90 years old US photo 3 international news: AFPBB News

Berry, born in a middle class family, caused a great sensation in the era when the baby boom generation after World War II adults and the United States prospered. I grew up under racial discrimination, but I instinctively knew how to bridge the divided races.

Mr. Berry who was playing the blues guitar noticed that the white audience was interested in the country and fused the energy of the electric with the tremendous showmanship on the stage.

The hit song "Johnny B. Goode" in 1958 is extremely influential, and as a song representing rock, the extraterrestrial life loaded on the Voyage 1, 2 US space explorer It was also recorded in the record for the body.

【Memorial Chuck Berry】 Rice Billboard magazine announces "Chuck Berry music's listening cover 15" - amass

【Memorial】 Interested in Chuck Berry 's' Duck Walk' photograph of 20 vintage photography sites features - amass

【Memorial Chuck Berry】 Sting's First Cover "Johnny B. Goode" - amass

【Memorial Chuck Berry】 Bon Jovi is the latest live "Johnny B. Goode" cover - amass

Bon Jovi - Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry Tribute - Columbus, OH 03.18.17 - YouTube

Chuck Berry New album "Chuck" for the first time in 38 years will be released on schedule, details & new song released this week - amass

Paul McCartney adds to the performance in the "sacred place" "This is the last fraud (lol)" | Bun Ho Online

WBC Puerto Rico advances to the final in 2 consecutive tournaments | NHK News

McLaren "Cooperate with Honda to bring out the maximum from the machine" 【F1-Gate.com】

In the F1 pre-season test, troubles frequently occurred in Honda's new F1 power unit. McLaren was rumored to cut Honda and asked Mercedes to supply F1 engine.

However, for the opening game of 2017, Eric Bouleier emphasized that he is working closely with Honda.

However, the image used there called a big ripple, and McLaren became to delete this page.

In the page, the image which collaborated the 2011 F1 machine "MCL 32" with the past F1 machine was used, but the engine cover part where the Honda logo is posted on the MCL 32 was the era when the Mercedes engine was loaded The machine was collaged.

McLaren, collage image which changed Honda to Mercedes ripple 【F1 - Gate.com】

Honda "I am not considering either canceling contract with McLaren or withdrawing F1" 【F1-Gate.com】

Is the break between McLaren and Honda occur as reality? 【F1-Gate.com】

Performance video which jazz drummer reproduced one scene of drama with drums as a topic - amass

Drums + It's Always Sunny = <3

David DockeryPosted on March 15, 2017

Wayne Rooney "I'm expecting Matsumoto Yamasa FC's success this season": Domestica blog

3/19 Masamoto Yama's celebrity support message - YouTube

Passion for football and love feeling are almost identical ... Portuguese research team announced - Goal.com

◆ Africa ◆ South Africa footballer hero interview "Suicide wife and lover"

Who will go to see this movie in 2016! Is it? Grand Prize results announcement - destroyer blog

Mr. Iyo's Matsumoto on track, Mr. Yu Hayami suspended charges Kyoto District Prosecution - Sankei WEST

Tokyo Olympic Golf Venue, Deciding Acceptance of Female Full Members Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

Honda | A near-future bike based on the large motorcycle NM 4 appeared on the movie "GHOST IN THE SHELL" From March 31st to March 2009, in more than 50 countries and regions,

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Popular with women! Ministop smoothie "Hokkaido red meat melon" and "Ichigo & Banana" join us! It is! Appeared for 2 weeks from 3/21 (Tuesday)! | Press Release | MINISTOP

Suntory green tea "Ieemon 350 tea (food for specified health use)" New release of 350 ml PET bottle | News release | Suntory Food International

"Nissin no Tonari noodles Umami tomato & amp; cheese" (released on April 3) | Nissin Food Group

"Nissin Spa Wang Soy Sauce Butter Lacco" (released on April 3) | Nissin Food Group

"Yuzu fragrant sea breams udon noodles" "Announcing shop's curry southbansubo" new release announcement | news release | corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

Notice of new release of "My salt spicy mentaiko taste great syari mustard Mayo" Release information | News release | Corporate information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

When you drink Fun "Clever texture" New flavor appeared on cold drinking sweets Krushers (crashers) "Krushers yogurt & berry" released on March 23!

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