The happiest place in the world is found, and how many happiness degrees in Japan are announced in world rankings

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March 20th is "International Happiness Day", the United Nations "World happiness report(World Happiness Report) "announced the 2017 version. There is a change in the country with the highest happiness degree, and the rank has been upgraded in Japan from FY 2016.

World Happiness Report 2017
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Happiness report: Norway is the happiest place on Earth - BBC News

The United Nations'World Happiness Report"Was implemented for the first time in 2012. It mainly uses questionnaires to survey about 3000 people in more than 150 countries, each country has 10 levels of their life assessment. By the way, the question at this time is "Imagine the stairs written at the bottom at 0, the top at 10, the top of the stairs is the best place for your life, the bottom is the lowest for your life If you were to represent a place, which step do you think you are standing in?

The top ten countries in 2017 are the same as those in the rankings in 2016, but there was a change in ranking. In 2016, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway in descending order were ranked first, and in 2017 Norway is outstripping the first place.

The rankings of the top 10 countries are as follows. The top is in a form monopolized by European countries and North America (Canada). In addition, the parentheses are the average value of the number of steps answered for the question.

1st place: Norway(7.537)
Second place: Denmark(7.522)
3 rd place: Iceland(7.504)
4th place: Switzerland(7.494)
5th place: Finland(7.469)
6th: Netherlands(7.377)
7th place: Canada(7.316)
8th place: New Zealand(7.314)
9th: Australia(7.284)
10th place: Sweden(7.284)

The rankings of the lower 10 countries have become the following form. Sub-Saharan AfricaSub-Saharan Africa, Conflict areas, and areas with food shortage.

146th place: Yemen(3.593)
147th: South Sudan(3.591)
148th: Liberia(3.5933)
149th: Guinea(3.507)
150th place: Togo(3.495)
151st: Rwanda(3.471)
152th place: Syria(3.462)
153 th: Tanzania(3.349)
154th place: Burundi(3.905)
155th: Central African Republic(3.693)

Japan is not in either of the top ten countries or the bottom 10 countries, with the value at 51st place being 5.920 and for 2016 it was 53rd so we ranked 2 ranks. The ranking graph is divided into seven segments, six of which are "GDP per population (light blue)" "Social support (yellow)" "Healthy life (red)" "Freedom of life choice (blue)" " Gentleness (green) "," Trust such as corruption of the government and enterprises, no betrayal (purple) ", it is compared with the fictional country" Destopia "which shows the lowest required from past investigation. The seventh segment (gray) covers the other six segments, which is a value obtained by adding the minimum value (1.85) indicated by distort peers plus the residual value of each country in the survey from 2014 to 2016 It reflects the difference in values ​​in the evaluation of each country.

The gray segment shows that it shows a part not explained in the model of the United Nations, but when I look at the Japanese graph, the gray part is fewer than the preceding and the following countries and the sum of the other six segments is compared It was high high. In Asia, Singapore ranked 26th, Thailand 32nd, Taiwan 33rd, Korea 56th and China 79th in Asia.

There is an item "America's crisis" in the report, why is the ranking down in the United States despite the economic development? It is shown that. In a word, this is because the American crisis is a "social crisis" rather than an "economic crisis". Even though the economic situation is developing, the degree of happiness is decreasing as the values ​​of elements such as solitude and disparity increase. Jeffrey Sachs, who was involved in the report that president himself took office, said that top companies and people 's taxes are preferential and healthcare budgets are about to be cut, too.

The report also noted that the top four countries were highly evaluated for all factors that make happiness, such as social welfare and degree of freedom. The top countries, especially Denmark, "HyggeThere is a sense of value called "BBC wrote that elements that are" a warm and comfortable atmosphere born from the interaction between people "are common.

In addition, we measure the "pure happiness degree" announced by the public opinion research company "Gallup International" and Swiss WIN "World happiness ranking 2017"Fiji was ranked 1st, Philippine · China followed second with Philippine · China, fourth ranked Vietnam · Indonesia, Japan was 25th.

Result announcement of latest version "World happiness ranking 2017"! Why did it shine first in the Dantotsu? | Hiroshi Nagasaki

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