Web creator Tim Bernards-Lee says "Three things to change to leave the Web"

"We imagined the Web as an open platform that everyone can share and access information across geographical and cultural boundaries," said Tim Bernards-Lee, "Web is a useful tool for all humankind Three things to change in order to continue "to the Great Britain letterThe GuardianI am telling you.

I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it | Tim Berners-Lee | Technology | The Guardian

◆ 1: Personal information can not be managed
Currently, many websites take a business model "to provide free content in exchange for personal information". In some cases it may be necessary to agree to a long and complicated terms of use, but many users agree with this style, basically this kind of "personal information collected in exchange for free service" I am indifferent. Accepting these styles and not doing any countermeasures seems to be similar and very different. For example, if you manage firmly information such as "When and when to share" with users, you will be able to use the service for free in a real sense. However, many Internet users say "I miss that opportunity."

This is not limited to websites, for example, even with a T card that can be used with TSUTAYA or a convenience store, you can manually prevent personal information from being delivered by hand by "stopping the provision of personal information". However, Tim Berners-Lee points out that there are not many users doing such procedures.

"T card personal information offer new arrival bot" notifying company that T card provides personal information - GIGAZINE

There is other influence on extensive data collection by such companies. The government monitors every online move of Internet users and is a threat to privacyExtreme lawIt is passing through. Under such circumstances, it is easily possible to monitor those who are critical of government policies, and it is clear that they will not be able to speak freely. Even in countries considered to "always do the best for the citizen", if the behavior of all citizens is monitored, concerning health problems and sexual preferences not wanted to be known to people, "Web It seems obvious that some people think that it will refrain from searching with ". It is obvious that the original meaning of the web will be lost if that happens.

◆ 2: Incorrect information spread easily on the web
There are many news websites, social media, curation apps, etc. In fact, many users actually use only a handful of social media and sitesresult of analysisIs out. And social media and news sites tend to show users 'preferences from users' click information, etc. and show what they click, that is, what they like. Then, since you are using only some social media and news sites, there is a good chance that the incoming information will be biased significantly.

Also, since "news articles that users click on" has been created, even if it is incorrect information or fake news,Spread at an astounding rateIt will be done. In addition to this, knowledge of data scienceThere are countless bots on the netIt is also possible to intentionally diffuse the erroneous information by using the network.

In fact, since the US presidential election in 2016, the existence of "fake news site" which seems to have appeared to diffuse misleading information has been frequently talked about, and in the United States, the fifth largest newspaper in Washington · Post and Google list some news sites as "lies spreading news site".

Criticism is gathered in blacklist articles that Washington Post enumerates over 200 as 'a lie spreading news site' - GIGAZINE

Google banished 200 sites that spoof false news - GIGAZINE

◆ 3: Political advertisements online require transparency and understanding
With the fact that "most users are using only some social media and news sites" and the highly developed algorithms utilizing personal information, political campaigns on-line directly target users It is changing to an advertisement. According to some information, in the US presidential election in 2016, 50,000 political ads were displayed on Facebook everyday. Also, in some parts of the United States and the world, political advertising is also used in unethical ways, such as guiding voters to a fake news site or partlyInduce to keep away from opinion pollIt has also been reported that a malicious advertisement was displayed.

Also, for ads that target some layers, it is also possible to make entirely different, or possibly contradictory, assertions for each group. Although these are complicated problems and the solution is not easy, there is a way to improve the news distributor, such as building a different revenue model and establishing a fair data management organization, said Tim Berners- Mr. Lee insists.

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In addition, we aim to promote free and open web, to expand the functionality and structural stability of the web, and to expand the benefits of the web to all people on the planetWorld Wide Web FoundationI am working on these three as a problem to address the resolution goals until 2022.

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