Beyond the "rabbit hole" there is a secret cave derived from the Knights of Temples

Often taken up in fiction such as movies and novelsKnights TemplarA cave said to be derived from "There was hiding behind the rabbit's nest" and many foreign mediaI am reporting it.. Actually, the cave is not newly discovered, but there is a mysterious cave that can not be imagined from the appearance from the outside so that it can be seen that it expresses "hidden" indeed.

Rabbit hole leads to 'Knights Templar' cave - BBC News

Revealed: Mysterious Knights Templar Caynton Caves overrun with black magic cults - Birmingham Mail

According to the BBC, "According to the local legend, the cave in Shifnall, Shropshire was used by the Temple Knights' members who existed in the 17th century." The purpose for which the cave was created is not clear.

The entrance looks like this, just like a rabbit's nest hole.

A state of entering inside and looking back at the entrance. It looked like a small hole from the outside, but a long long arched passageway is continued.

And inside is like this.

There is a large space, and there seems to be a small space so difficult for people to enter.

Characters etc are written on the wall and ceiling.

I photographed these photos based on Birmingham, England,Caters News AgencyMichael Scott, a photographer who is also a staff member. Mr. Scott says he discovered a movie of the cave on the Internet and visited this place. According to Mr. Scott, the entrance is not as discreet as "the entrance will pass if you do not know what is there", but the inside has a height of about 1.8 m and no creatures other than a few spiders are found, He said that he was quiet. Mr. Scott visited was a rainy day, but the ground in the cave seems to be dry.

A public institution of the British government that protects historic buildings and monumentsHistoric England"Although it is said that" details of the time that was made is unknown, "it sees that the cave was created in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Moreover, the decoration in the cave, such as "Beekhead" carving the face of a living thing is seen, is said to have adopted the architectural style prevailing around the 19th century called the Neo-Norman style.

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Historic England says "There is evidence that black magic has been used in recent years." And for this reason, the BBC reports that the cave was blocked in 2012. We got permission and interviewedBirmingham MailAccording to the next day after Christmas, the owner of the land found that the cave was filled with a candle and that an ominous symbol was written on the wall ceiling. And one day, two people who looked like a sorcerer who painted their face red, visited the owner's house saying "Please return the robe you forgot in the cave", the closure of the cave was decided It was. "People are going to enter the cave as a result of seeing the publications." "Owners are not aware that this is private property and that they are entering the land," the owner says.

In fact, it was said that a 16-year-old boy who was in a cave similar to the cave in Shifnal had lost his life by the collapse of the cave, and from the safety perspective also the way of cave blockade It seems that it was chosen.

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