SF disaster star movie "Geostorm" trailer that will manipulate the weather freely and suffer extraordinary disaster catastrophic earth disaster will destroy the world

As the wisdom of humankind continues to progress rapidly, perhaps the era will come when people can freely manipulate the weather in the near future. However, the earth cracks as if not allowing such a human's work, the sea rushes towards the city, and at the same time several tornadoes hit the city and destroy people's civilizations one by one ... ... that really may happen SF disaster star film depicting the figure of the near futureGeostormThe trailer video of 'The trailer is released.

【Note: The following movies include tsunami scenes】

Geostorm - Official Teaser - Warner Bros. UK - YouTube

Flashes of thunder which shines eerily in the dark night

"in the future……"

Rocket launched and flying in space appeared

To the other side, a huge space station floating in outer space

"Technology that can control weather ... ..."

Artificial satellite that spreads "bag" and something like an umbrella

From the spread inside, thousands of objects are emitted toward the earth

A capsule-like object falling down attracted by the attraction of the earth. What they aim for ... ...

A huge typhoon with big 'eyes'

The capsule exploded one after another in the clouds of the typhoon, and the clouds were cut off.

By doing this, it has erased the typhoon which causes great damage without any trace. But this can not be said to be "natural" nature.

"The time to manipulate the world will come."

Suddenly many objects crash to the ground with black smoke from the sky

Several tornados suck up cars and buildings

A disturbing white mist swaying over the beach

At night, a number of thundering lights flash awfully. BGM will have a masterpiece of Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World", but the singing voice of a female vocal singing idly and sadly will make a sense of sadness stronger.

In this way, people are facing expression of terror

Crossover crushed by the collapsing huge steel frame

A magma-like object overflowing over the ground

People seem to have no choice

Several tornados attacking the open-air city of Asia

People stand at the edge of despair

Turn around, the town closed in pure white

A sudden cold wave hit me or a group of like soldiers wearing the best written "UN" (United Nations) with the citizens who froze while standing aside, will proceed

In urban areas like Japan, a huge "hail" attacks buildings and people

A huge ice chunk of flying 5 meters in diameter will fly ... ...

Crush the bus. Disasters that people have never seen happen one after another in the world and panic people.

A group of buildings that collapses one after another like Domino. People's life is torn up by shreds.

In space, a thing that seems to be a space station explodes ... ....?

A gigantic tsunami floating in the Dubai building group

From the appearance of a huge tsunami that tumbles over 100 meters one after another in high-rise buildings, I can make you realize how helpless human beings are against nature.

If you think that the birds fall apart from the sky, what happened ......

A huge jumbo machine also crashed like a bird. Anyway, it is overwhelmed by the series of unimaginable disasters.

Geostorm is a work that depicts the near future where weather maneuvering satellites surrounding the Earth can freely control the weather of the earth. Although it was a weather maneuvering satellite that worked well for 2 years from the start of operation, mysterious phenomena will appear one after another as if frills occur. In order to unravel the mystery, the brothers who were living apart have become a story to uncover the mystery and to pinpoint the real cause lurking behind it. In the United States, including 3D version will be released in the spring of 2017, but disclosure in Japan is undecided.

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