I tried to eat the ministop 'Whole whole pudding' which the king of two large sweets called puff and cream coalesced

In all Ministop stores, we've coalesced puffs and puddings that are standard sweets with gutsWhole pudding"Has appeared. I decided to eat the sweetness that I immediately put it in the puff cream without breaking the shape of a beautiful trapezoidal pudding.

Pudding in the shoe? It is! Ministop offers a variety of "puddings" | Press Release | MINISTOP

"Whole whole pudding" that entered the transparent blister case. With a tax-included price of 200 yen per piece,Wednesday, March 8, 2017 (Wed)From the Tohoku district ministop, in other areas in the previous dayMarch 7 (Tue)Sales will start from.

From the side, you can see that a pudding without muddiness is present in the puff with white whipped cream.

Raw materials such as milk and eggs, sugar, flour and so on. The calorie per piece is 314 kcal.

When I opened the lid with Paco, the whole picture appeared. This is an unconditionally delicious guy.

Compared with iPhone 6, this size is about this size.

As for the overall size, this place is somewhat smaller puff cream.

Whipped cream that protrudes from between the shoe fabric and the pudding. I will invite my appetite.

I was given a fork instead of a spoon at the shop, so I will eat it with this.

Break it with a fork ... ...

When eating a single mouth, the taste is as expected, "cream puff + whipped cream + pudding", although there is no special new surprise, satisfaction is considerably enhanced with the taste of stable sweets with de straight ball. Sponge fabric is spread under the pudding and you can feel flavor and flavor. The pudding is finished in a firm texture and it does not feel difficulty to eat.

Looking at the cross section, you can see that a sponge is laid on top of the shoe fabric and the pudding rides on the whipped cream.

By combining two standard classical sweets, there is little possibility that beta of taste and satisfaction can be betrayed, and the editorial staff who handled the tasting actually eat it, "I can combine pudding and cream puff like this I thought as ... ". I was able to enjoy a different taste of security which is different from the world view of high-end and delicate sweets.

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