A documentary of Mongolian Eagle Hunter who shot the eagle's view of catching prey with GoPro

For Ethnic living in Mongolia, "Eagle Hunter" technology for manipulating eagle and hunting animals has been handed down generously. By attaching the action camera GoPro to such eagle hunter eagle, we succeeded in shooting a powerful image containing the moment of capturing the fox with the eagle's eyes that fly in the sky.

GoPro: Hunting a Fox From an Eagle's POV - YouTube

Time lapse of full night sky.

Many sheeps in the village

Four men who are straddling the wilderness on the horse will move forward.

On the cliff top where you advanced

I will skip the eagle that Eagle Hunter had on hand here.

Switch to the image of GoPro attached to Eagle, Eagle fly through the sky.

In the image of the camera, I can hardly tell where the prey is, but the eagle's eyes firmly catch the fox ... ...

Capture without giving even the fox 's escape.

Finally, the eagle's face who finished the work was reflected.

Although the above movie is a digest version only for the moment the eagle catches the fox, the staff of GoPro has been closely attached to the Mongolian people who have Eagle Hunter for several days, and the full documentary filmed can be seen from the following link I can do it.

GoPro: Eagle Hunters in a New World - YouTube

An aged Eagle Hunter takes care of an eagle. There are about 20 Eagle Hunters in this area.

As children become Eagle Hunters, they are teaching skills to handle eagles while struggling hard.

As I climbed the same cliff as the digest version, Eagle Hunter shouted "There is a fox over there!"

An angry name "Come quickly! Bakayarou!" To the son accompanying me. In the digest version, Eagle caught a fox that was at a fairly far distance, but it seems that Eagle Hunter can also see the location of the fox. You can see that you have amazing eyesight.

◆ Chapter 1: Hunting and Grazing

Tauekul who appeared in the 28 years old Eagle Hunter history different from the beginning appeared. The eagle that Mongolian Eagle Hunter follows is occasionally wearing the following eye mask.

Pattern to wear and remove as necessary.

Tauekul's father was also Eagle Hunter, and he said that he followed everywhere where his father went. While accompanying my father's eagle hunting, I learned the technology, and eventually he seems to have become a single eagle hunter.

I am now in the position to teach my son how to hunt eagles.

In addition to eagle hunting, sheep grazing is one of my livelihoods in the village.

A child having milk on the face whether it was eaten with milk.

This meal is like this, surrounding the dining table of the whole family with the family.

"Do you feel like wanting to be an eagle hunter?", The GoPro staff has asked the young man who burns the head of the sheep.

"It's still too young to be an eagle hunter, I want to be a future if I get older, I have other things I want to do elsewhere," the young man says. Eagle Hunter can not become a young man, and it seems that it is necessary to practice for many years.

◆ Chapter 2: Eagle Training
Ouni who lives in another Mongolian people also makes a living as an eagle hunter for 22 years.

The village where Ouni lives in Mongolian Deli is like this.

He told me that he has brushed his arm with Eagle Hunter since he received a wild eagle from his father in 1983.

Deliun's great Eagle Hunter seems to have left the world.

It is necessary to teach without training to train the eagle, and a smart eagle will remember immediately. "If you leave or hurt an eagle, that person can not be a good eagle hunter," Ouni says.

I am climbing up high cliffs and training eagles. I skipped an eagle ......

On the ground is my brother who stood on a horse waiting for an eagle while moving.

When I was watching the video of GoPro which did not show anything, an eagle appeared from the right side in a blink of an eye. This scene is overwhelmed by terrible low altitude flight and speed.

Successfully got caught by the younger brother 's arm safely.

◆ Chapter 3: White · Death
"I have been taking care of livestock for 40 years."

"When White Death got up, about 400 sheep died."

"There were only ten horses who survived 40 survived," and Mongolia seems to be suffering from the cold wave called "white and des".

◆ Chapter 3: Maintaining tradition
In Mongolia where there are many Eagle Hunters, every year "Golden Eagle Festival"Traditional festivals called" Festival "are being held.

In the Golden Eagle Festival, the eagle hunters of each ethnic group are supposed to compete by capturing animals decided using eagles.

An eagle released from the top of the mountain catches small animals such as rabbits and foxes that are released into the area where the venue is separated.

◆ Chapter 5: The future of hunting
"Have you kept the tradition?"

"We have inherited all the knowledge we know for generations," said Ouni.

"I started teaching when my son is 19 years old."

"He said" I want to be an Eagle Hunter "to me," Tauekul says.

The making image of these stories from the GoPro staff side has also been released.

GoPro BTS: The Making of Eagle Hunters in a New World - YouTube

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