The Netherlands continue prison closure due to lack of prisoners

ByBrook Ward

The Netherlands decided to close eight prisons in 2009 and 19 places in 2015, but after these it turned out that the closure of five prisons in 2016 was decided.

The Netherlands Keeps Closing Prisons Because It Does not Have Enough Prisoners | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

One of the reasons why Dutch prisons are closing one after the other is that the number of crime itself is simply decreasing. The other is because the judge has sentenced a short sentence to the person convicted.DutchNews.nlAccording to the report, the crime rate in the Netherlands has declined by 0.9% per year, and in 2021 3,000 solitary cells and 300 juvenile classification centers will be unnecessary.

Although there is a problem that the prison officials lose their jobs, there is also a good point that if the prison is closed, it is possible to reduce the cost that was necessary until then. In Norway, there are too many criminals and there is not enough room to accommodate, and in 2015, as many as 1,000 prisoners were transferred to the Netherlands.

In addition, some closed prisons are being offered by the Dutch government for refugees and immigrants.

Refugees living in a closed prison, 14 pictures, Netherlands | National Geographic Japan Edition site

In the same situation as Sweden in the Netherlands, four prisons were closed in 2013 as the number of prisoners decreased by 6% in two years. This is believed to be due to lighter punishment for drug crime since 2011. On the other hand,USA taking strict measures against drug crimeThe number of prisoners is the largest in the world, and in 2013 22 million people will be accommodated.

In Norway, "punishment" rather than "return to society" that emphasized "Bastoy Prison"Is present. When I say prison, I have a grating of iron .... It is an image that there is no iron grid, an open room and the state of the bastoy prison full of prisoners' smiles can be seen from the following movies.

Movie "Recommendation of world invasion of Michael Moore" main video "Norwegian Prison" - YouTube

Welcome to 'Norwegian Prison', a peaceful place that is far from the image of prison is projected.

It is a facility for returning to society, not revenge on society.

I say to a man wearing sunglasses "I want to meet a sentenced inmate ... ..." ...

I answer with a smile "I am one of them." The man is said to have been sentenced to four years in prison.

I bicycle to my cell.

It should be a solitary cell, but this is introduced as "This is the living room". It is a wonderful house.

"A nice view?"

Ascending the stairs ......

This is a cell.

Prisoners in Bastoy prison are not locked in the room, they can freely enter and leave at night.

To another splendid building.

The meal is prepared here.

Inmates are also preparing meals. Bastoy prison is not only able to watch television and play basketball, but also swimming and fishing are possible.

Inmates pray that Bastii prison is in Bastoi but is prohibited from swimming and crossing the other side. "It seems to be deserving" "I'm OK to swim here from the other side" Laugh.

This man has been sentenced to 11 years for murder.

A movie director, Michael Moore, says, "The mountain of the knife behind you is touched," smiling as "there is there".

However, in Bastii prison no one cares.

When asked "Is it a normal heart?" I answered "Like water."

"Cooking utensils are not weapons, just sort of arms"

Taking out a large kitchen knife, it seems to be really fun to say "This is the best."

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