"Are boys clever than girls?"

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In the movie 'Mighty So'The point that the female character who was nurse in the original was changed to a physicistIs the story'sStereotypeIt was highly appreciated as having destroyed it. "How is a boy smarter than a girl?" "How is a woman not suitable for mathematics or science?" How was the stereotype born, and indeed the truth? That is easy to understand in the movie.

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The idea that "boys are smarter than girls" has become a long stereotype. One of the reasons why people have such stereotypes is the research result that "male brain is 8 to 13% larger than female brain".

However, this difference is due to the size of the body. The woman's brain has a lot of wrinkles correspondingly, so the cortical surface area increases.

In addition, it is not necessarily that the larger one has a higher intelligence. For example, the brains of whales, elephants and dolphins are bigger than humans, but it is said that human beings have higher cognitive abilities.

And one of the structural differences between male and female brains is that "male brain has strong connection in hemisphere while women have strong connection between left and right hemispheres".

However, when we scanned the brains of 1400 men and women with MRI, we could not find a so-called "difference between male and female brains". Regardless of gender, there are both brain features called 'feminine' and 'masculine' features in the brains of people, which means they are drawing "mosaic".

In addition, when studies on stereotypes such as "masculine game" and "feminine scrapbook" were conducted, the proportion that only men or women are actually conducting stereotypes is only 0.1% That was.

Even in IQ's research, the results show that there is little or no difference between men and women about general intelligence. Meanwhile, survey results have also been announced that women have linguistic abilities, and men have superior vision and space cognitive abilities.

In one study, the results showed that "men's IQ is 3.3 to 5.5 points higher than women", but this research is questioned as "there are flaws in the investigation method."

In 70% of the world, women are reported to have good results in languages, mathematics and science, while male science results are higher by 33 in the American university admission test The result has come out.

In addition, although there is no difference between the test results of men and women in many countries, it is said that women have better grades in Iceland. This is not a biological reason, but it is considered to be a big cause of cultural and environmental reasons.

On the other hand, I also know that stereotypes are affecting women's performance.

For example, when being told that "There is a gender difference in mathematical ability", the results of women's tests are lower ... ...

On the contrary, when it is told that there is no gender difference, the score of the test will be equal for men and women. This phenomenon is called "stereotype threat".

In searching Google, the search word "My son is a genius" is searched twice for the word "My daughter is a genius?" Actually in the USAGifted educationEven though girls are receiving 11% more girls than boys.

Bias due to such gender difference is expected to begin receiving around the age of 6 years. Because, in research, a 5-year old child who heard the story of "a very smart child" imagines a child of the same gender as his sex ... ...

When I turn 6, I think that boys and girls are wise children are "boys".

Also, to say to children, "I want you to play games for smart kids", 5-year-olds want to play games for both boys and girls ... ...

A 6 - year - old girl thinks "Games are not for themselves".

Even at the actual research site bias exists due to gender. When we recruit managers of scientific laboratories, randomly assigning the names of women and men to the applicant's request, it is said that the man's name is "competent" and "worthy of education" "to hire" It turned out that evaluation was easy to obtain. Also, it is known that women are 26,000 dollars (about 2.9 million yen), while the average annual amount presented to men is 30,000 dollars (about 3.4 million yen) also in the annual income.

There are many obstacles for women to advance into the path of science, but many female researchers have contributed to science in the last few decades.Rosalind FranklinTo elucidate the structure of DNA,Catherine JohnsonContributed to NASA's space program,Mariam · MilzahaniIs also called the Nobel Prize in mathematics for the first time as a woman in 2014Fields AwardI received the award.

The mathematician Isabella Laba said, "As Mirsa Hani was chosen, I will not be convinced that" women's abilities are the same level as men in mathematical research areas. "I have never I have not had any doubt in particular because instead of receiving Milzahani's awards, our society has become a better place to support and foster talent for women mathematics And that means I can recognize the wonderfulness of the work done by women. "

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