Since Nintendo's "Nintendo Switch" was finally released, it got a hasty photo review

NintendoWii UNext released game that can be used as both a stationary game machine and a handheld game machine released after "Nintendo Switch(Nintendo Switch) "finally appears on March 3, 2017 (Friday). I got it immediately at the editorial department of GIGAZINE, so I tried looking at what kind of hard it was hasty.

Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

The package of Nintendo Switch I have just purchased is like this. Wii U was a package based on white and blue, but Nintendo Switch seems to be white and red image color.

When opening the box, a simple "Getting Started" is written.

Inside the box is the main body of the motion controller dedicated to Nintendo Switch "Joy-Con (Joicon)".

Below that, AC adapter, HDMI cable, dock etc are included.

Take out what's in it. Joy-Con · Nintendo Switch main body · Joy-Con strap · Joy-Con grip from the left top left, HDMI cable · AC adapter · dock from the bottom left.

This is the body of Nintendo Switch. I felt like I looked like a tablet about 7 inches.

At the bottom of the display are the speakers (left) and the brightness sensor (right).

Nintendo Switch logo on the back.Recruitment of Nintendo SwitchWhen touching with, the back was processed hairline, but the back of what was on sale was a matte finish that makes fingerprints unnoticeable.

There is a hole in the lower part of the back, which is like a speaker and it seems to be a waste heat hole.

Furthermore, at the lower left of the back ......

There is a stand to stand the Nintendo Switch body.

Lift the stand and find the microSD card slot inside.

On the top of the main unit are a power button, a volume control button, a heat exhaust hole, an earphone jack, and a game card slot from the left.

The game card slot is under the silicon cover.

On the left and right sides of the main unit there is a rail for connecting the Joy - Con to the main unit.

Bottom of main unit

Here is the USB Type-C port.

Joy-Con (Joicon) like a special controller is like this. When choosing neon color, the blue one is "Joy-Con (L)" for the left hand and the one for the right hand is "Joy-Con (R)".

Joy-Con (L) has a sign "-" on the joystick's side ... ...

Joy - Con (R) has the sign "+" on the side of the A / B / X / Y button.

It actually looks like this when you bring it in your hand. If it is an adult man, it is a feeling of size enough to fit in the hand in the hand.


There are two buttons on the top. In the case of Joy-Con (R) on the left, the "R" and "ZR" buttons are attached, and in the case of Joy-Con (L), "L" and "ZL" buttons are attached.

"Motion IR camera" is built in the bottom of Joy - Con (R), and it is possible to read the shape, movement and distance of the object captured by the camera.

The "SR" and "SL" buttons are attached to the side of the side connected to the main unit of Joy-Con respectively.

So it is possible to play games with one side of Joy-Con like this.

There are no buttons, terminals, etc. on the remaining side of Joy-Con.

When installing Joy - Con on the Nintendo Switch body, make Joy - Con run along the rail on the side of the body.

When I attach Joy-Con to the main body, it feels like this.

If you play the game as it is, you can also use Nintendo Switch as a portable game machine.

When removing Joy-Con from the main body, you need to slide while holding down the black button on the back of Joy-Con. The removal of Joy-Con did not smooth smoothly at the beginning, but it was an impression that "hard ~ scary ~", but it became removable smoothly while repeating detachment several times.

The attached Joy-Con strap ... ...

Combine the strap and Joy - Con body symbol and slide it ......

It makes it easier to grip Joy-Con with this feeling.

Also, when using one of Joy-Con as a controller ... ...

"SR" "SL" button is easier to push.

In addition, if you pass the strap through your arm, you will be able to enjoy motion control with the controller exactly.

In addition, Joy-Con grip is also included ... ...

If you attach Joy - Con to this, you can play Nintendo Switch with your controller.

The Nintendo Switch dock is in front of the Nintendo Switch logo

Looking into the dock, there is something like a terminal inside, you can charge the main body just by placing it here.

There is a Nintendo logo on the back.

The back cover can be opened with pakari.

There is one AC adapter, USB, and HDMI port from the top inside.

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