"Metal hydrogen", which is said to have been successfully produced for the first time in the world, disappears from the laboratory

In January 2017Researchers at Harvard University announced that they succeeded in making metallic hydrogen for the first time in the worldThen, great expectations gathered from around the world for the birth of innovative technologies such as cold superconductivity. However, it is clear that the metal hydrogen that was supposed to be born has disappeared.

The world's only metallic hydrogen sample has disappeared - ScienceAlert

World's Only Sample Of Metallic Hydrogen Disappears In Lab: SCIENCE: Tech Times

What kind of state hydrogen is the metal hydrogen that Harvard University researcher has succeeded in making the world for the first time in the world, its applications in various applications such as superconductivity, lossless power transmission, rocket fuel with unprecedented energy As for what is expected, you can see well by looking at the following article.

Researchers from Harvard University announced that they succeeded in producing "metal hydrogen" for the first time in the world, attention is drawn to whether metallic state can be maintained at normal temperature and normal pressure - GIGAZINE

Although attention was gathered from researchers from all over the world as to whether metal hydrogen born under high pressure of 495 GPa higher than the center part of the earth can keep the metal state even at normal temperature and normal pressure, Isaac of Harvard University · Dr. Silvera revealed that "the metal hydrogen held in the laboratory has disappeared". Dr. Silvera says it is unclear what happened, but in early February 2017 the possibility that the diamond which had sandwiched the metal hydrogen was crushed when using the low pressure laser to measure the pressure of the experimental apparatus, It is considered that metallic hydrogen was lost somewhere in the metal gasket to be sealed. As for the disappearance of the metal hydrogen, Dr. Silvera said "I was broken" and it seems quite disappointing.

However, there are also skeptical opinions about the experimental results of Harvard's research team. Professor Eugene Gregoranz of the University of Edinburgh believes that the research team of Dr. Silvera does not accurately evaluate the pressure and since the pressure value is measured only at the highest pressure, Pointed out that it is difficult to ascertain whether it has changed as a result of the experiment. Also, Dr. Paul Roubaie of the French Atomic Energy Commission is evaluating that the dissertation of Dr. Silvera is not convincing at all, and urges re-measurement of pressure change to eliminate doubt, such as metal hydrogen I question the generation itself.

Also, it is pointed out that the "reflectance beyond 0.9" which is the basis for metal hydrogen is possibly coming from a transparent alumina flake which was used for the purpose of protecting diamonds. In response to this, Dr. Silvera argues that it has been confirmed that alumina has not changed to metallic state under the environment used in metal hydrogen production experiments.

In any case, since the metal hydrogen sample disappeared, Dr. Silvera's research team is planning to redo the experiment again. Regarding the truth of the birth of metallic hydrogen, it seems to be discovered by waiting for the results of a re-experiment conducted in a few weeks.

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