Robot studio "StyleShoots Live" that makes professional cameraman unnecessary appears, simultaneous photography of still images and movies is also possible

Robot studio that automatically outputs the photographs and movies taken from the lighting to the iPad Pro, such as websites, advertisements in the streets, Facebook, and other platforms, according to the setting "StyleShoots Live"Was announced. With StyleShoots Live, even if you do not have a professional photographer, you can shoot high quality photos and movies so that they can be used directly in advertisements.

StyleShoots Live | Instant video. Beautiful stills. One machine. - StyleShoots

You can check what kind of product StyleShoots Live is from the following movie.

StyleShoots Live Product Introduction - YouTube

Fashion brands need not only websites, but also photos and movies according to various platforms such as advertisements in town, EC site, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat etc.

It is necessary to output photographed photos and movies to the format specified for each platform, but "StyleShoots Live" automatically carries out this work.

By using StyleShoots Live, you can take pictures and movies at the same time, eliminating the need to shoot pictures and movies in separate places.

StyleShoots Live has a depth sensor and LED panel, and Apple'sMac ProBuilt-in. You can also perform the main operation with the iPad Pro attached to the studio and adjust the lighting in real time from iPad Pro.

The installed camera is "EOS - 1D X Mark II" by Canon. The photo has resolution up to about 2 million pixels and corresponds to JPG, PNG, TIFF, CR2, and if it is a movie it can shoot at up to 4 K and it is compatible with MP 4 and M 4 V.

You can also change the color of the background and floor, or add small items with the attached iPad Pro. In other words, if you have a model and a stylist, you do not need a photographer.

It is difficult to tell everything about StyleShoots Live only on the official website, and at the time of writing the article is accepting a reservation for StyleShoots Live's online experience demo. There is also a studio selling price has become "quote necessary", rather than for general, it is a product for companies such as fashion brands.

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