Launched on April 4, 2017 "A weekly Astro Boy made!" That Astro Boy can be made with his own hands

Tezuka Osamu celebrating the 90th birth anniversary of the original comic & animation "Astro Boy", to be built by himself with only one driver "to make a weekly Astro Boy!" To be launched on April 4, 2017 It was announced. When assembling all the kit which completes in all 70 volumes, Astro Boy which can recognize the face of a person with a learnable AI installed in the main body and can also talk can be completed.

Let's make Weekly Astro Boy! Decided to release on April 4, 2017 │ Kodansha

"Create Weekly Astro Boy!" Is based on the joint project "ATOM Project" jointly by five companies of Kodansha, Tezuka Productions, NTT DoCoMo, Fuji Soft and VAIO, and the launch of the project will be held at the press conference on February 22, 2017 It was announced in. When purchasing all 70 magazines to be released every month from April 2017 to September 2018 and assembling the parts, the robot that can recognize the face of a person with a learnable AI mounted on the main body and can also talk, "ATOM "Is completed.

According to the official website, ATOM can communicate with people by installing AI growing at the front end and the cloud. Recognizing the face of up to 12 people, they learn the contents of conversation with each other, play with a ryokan and a riddle, and grow as a member of the family. Assembly is possible with one screwdriver. It contains 3.6 V / 5800 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery inside the main unit, but unfortunately it does not seem to be "100,000 hp" power. (Actually maximum power consumption 46.8 W)

ATOM is about 44 cm tall and weighs about 1.4 kg, and the main material is ABS resin. A camera, a microphone, a speaker, a touch sensor, a 6 axis sensor, and a tear portion are equipped with a 2.4 inch touch panel-equipped liquid crystal display. The processor part adopts the world-famous microcomputer "Raspberry Pi 3", and VAIO is in charge of manufacturing the main board which controls the operation and conversation. The voice of ATOM flowing from the speaker is in charge of Mr. Tsumura who played Atom in the animation "Astro Boy" in 2003.

ATOM is capable of biped walking, it is possible to communicate naturally by changing the expression of the human being captured and the level of conversation content and politeness by the person who is talking. There have been conversational robots so far, but the appearance of ATOM seems to be said that many Japanese people seem to be "finally".

You can see how ATOM actually becomes a member of family and talk, play and celebrate your birthday in the following official concept movie.

"Let's become a family with Atom in 2017" "Make a weekly Astro Boy ATOM! Official concept movie - YouTube

"Let's make Weekly Astro Boy!" Will be released on April 4, 2017 with a special issue with a special price of 830 yen (excluding tax), including three major appendices. The normal price after that is 1843 yen, but a special price number of 2306 yen ~ 9250 yen price will be published besides the usual number, and the full set price will be about 185,000 yen.

In addition, for those who are not confident in assembly and those who want to get finished products, they will be released after September 2018VAIO Corporation Assembled version ATOM setAlso planned to be prepared. The price is 21,2900 yen, and it includes a special chair for charging, luxurious books, special binders and so on.

The responsibilities of each company participating in the project are as follows.

1. Planning · Overall Produce · Publish · Sales
2. Scenario editing · Corpus (dictionary) creation
3. Development of speech-enabled publication contents

Tezuka Productions
1. Modeling and character supervision
2. Magazine planning cooperation · supervision

NTT docomo
1. Providing a natural dialog platform
2. Design technical support / joint development of dialogue scenario

Fuji Soft
1. Robotics design development
2. Development of OS installed in ATOM main body and front end AI
3. Design development of various applications

1. Board mounting such as main board
2. "ATOM assembling agent service" responsible

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