The young people in their early twenties are keeping secrets to their friends but they are receiving assistance from their parents

People who rely on parents for not only tuition but also living expenses are not so unusual in living a university life, but many young people in their early twenties are receiving assistance from their parents even after graduating from universities and vocational schools It has been found out in the survey.

A secret of many urban 20-somethings: Their parents help with the rent

Many of the young people in the early twenties in the United States seem to keep secret information that "In fact, parents are helping their living expenses" even with friends. However, according to a survey by Patrik Whitman, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, that tracked over 2,000 young people between 2007 and 2013, many young people in their early twenties graduated from school and worked out We also know that we are receiving assistance for living expenses from parents.

The young people who are in their early twenties who graduated from universities and vocational schools are primarily rented by their parents, and 40% of young people aged 22 to 24 years old have received living expenses from their parents and receive assistance The average amount is 3000 dollars a year (about 330,000 yen). The average aid amount of 250 dollars (about 28,000 yen) per month is said to be 29% of the average rent in the "Metro Area" with a population of 1 million or more in the central city of the United States.

The amount the parents will aid for rent depends on the child's career and the housing environment. For example, in the case of young people who wish to form a career in the arts and design paths, more than half 53% receive parental assistance, and the average aid amount per year is 3600 dollars (about 410,000 yen). On the other hand, it is said that young people working in agriculture, construction industry, retail industry, and service industry have less average aid from parents. It can be said that it is easy to imagine that arts and designs with low earnings early in their career are being received from their parents without having enough part-time jobs.

In addition, young people in the metro area know that the proportion of parents receiving rent is 30% higher than young people living in small cities. This seems to be a satisfying number as the rent in the city center is higher than outside the school.

However, Associate Professor Whitman said in a survey that in recent years, young people have found that they tend to depend on parents financially. In the 1980s, young people in their 20s and young people receiving some kind of assistance from their parents were less than half, while in 2010 there were young people close to 70% receiving financial assistance. By the way, speaking on a price basis, of assistance from parents to children, support of living expenses is only 20%, and it seems that most of the assistance to the down payment for home purchase and entrepreneurship is occupied.

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