"Microtonal Guitar" to eliminate the "fret toneaire" of the guitar which can not be avoided in principle

If you are a good guitarist I've felt once The cause of the problem "This guitar, tuning is not decided", in many cases the guitarTwelve equal temperamentIt is due to being tuned with. It is a harmful effect of the average scale which is remarkably felt especially when playing a chord of 3 degrees (long 3 degrees), but a guitar that sticks additional frets or carries a movable fret "Microtonal Guitar(Differential sound guitar) "can solve such a problem.

The Major 3rd Problem of All Guitars in the World - YouTube

What appears in the movie is Mr. Tolgahan Chol (Tolgahan Çoğulu) who is doing creative activities by differential sound guitar. It is a guitarist from Turkey. In this movie, I introduce a method to eliminate the tone by fret by devising a guitar made on the basis of equal temperament.

Mr. Choul first said, "Have you ever wondered why the harmonics of the 6 strings 4 frets and the real sounds of the 3 string 1 frets do not agree with each other when playing the guitar?" Introduction.

And when you play the harmonics sound of 6 strings 4 frets and the real sounds of 3 string 1 frets, you can see that this is a splendidly toney condition. Both sounds are supposed to be "G # (Sharp of the So)", but because of slightly different pitches it makes me feel bad.

This is the same for the harmonics of the 5th string 4 frets and the real sound of the 2 string 2 frets "C # (De Sharp)" ...

The same is true for the harmonics of 4 strings 4 frets and the real sound of 1 string 2 frets "F # (Far Sharp)".

This problem stems from the fact that the guitar is constructed structurally based on the twelve equal temperament (only to make it). Twelve equal temperament is to divide between "do" and "do" on the octave with twelve semitones, which was originally created in the Song Dynasty of China and in India, Japan, Europe etc. It is a way of thinking.

However, there are parts that are incompatible with actual physical phenomena. Almost all the sounds in the world have sounds that resonate, and you can produce that sound with the harmonics sound of a guitar or the like.

Comparing these harmonics sounds with the sounds of the twelve equal temperament, in fact, the sound that completely matches is only the sound of "octave different", and even if the fifth sound is often called "complete chord", the harmonics sound and the pitch of the equal temperament There is a difference.

Therefore, no matter how precisely the tuned guitar it is, the "deviation of the real sound of the 3 string 1 fret and the harmonics sound of 6 strings 4 frets" as at the beginning will occur.

You may find out the theory around here by referring to the following page.

About equal temper

One of the tools that has been developed to avoid these problems is a retrofit called "Fretlet".


Fretlet is a fret for sticking to the fingerboard of the guitar, and there is no "leg" part like a general fret. Therefore, it is possible to wear a fret freely by changing the position with a double-sided tape or the like.

Using Fretlet, try installing a new fret on the slightly head side (= lower tone) of 2 frets and playing the sound ...

A splendid, harmonics sound and real sound matched perfectly.

In that state, when you play the chord of "A", you can see that the sound when you played the code "Bororo-n" is completely different from normal. People who have guitar at hand have wanted us to compare, but as usual, when the tea that was being brewed with tap water was changed to distilled water, the taste became to have another dimension transparency Feeling. The change which made it refreshing like the time when you kindly told us the strange feeling that somehow felt is occurred in the chord of the guitar.

If you add more Fretlet and let the chords of "A", "D", "E" ring in Kampeki, the guitar itself has turned into a rich sounding like upgrading any rank.

Mr. Choul who plays "Happy Birthday" with this guitar. After listening to this performance many times, when you play with your ordinary guitar, you will notice that there is such a difference that you think unexpectedly "Eh!!" Certainly twelve equal temperament is convenient, it is a necessity to music, but it is a movie that you can see well that there is a part that is a little divergent from the structure of natural sound.

Mr. Choul is playing a differential sound guitar is a movie. In the second half you can hear the unique performance of the differential sound guitar.

Microtonal Guitar (Fixed Fret) - Tolgahan Çoğulu - YouTube

In a song that plays Fretlet on a regular guitar, it feels like an Middle Eastern oriental atmosphere, and it seems to be habitually being heard many times.

Moreover, there is also a performance using a differential sound guitar "Yarman 24 / 31c" where there is no straight fret anywhere anymore. Songs with a pitch that makes the atmosphere different from Western music include the charm that seems to get out even if it is addicted.

Mr. Choul is a considerable artisan, and must watch a movie that shows an intense performance with eight strings of differential sound guitar. This guitar is free to move additional frets freely on the groove engraved on the fingerboard.

Microtonal Guitar - Traditional Music of Turkey with Wooden Instruments - YouTube

Mr. Choul said that he has continued activities focusing on differential sound guitar since 2008. The cloud funding platform which can back up creator's activities as a patron "PatreonEven launching his own page.

Tolgahan Cogulu is creating Microtonal Guitar Music and Projects | Patreon

◆ bonus
In addition, there is also a fretless guitar "Vigier Excalibur" that has already taken away frets themselves like a violin. The fretless guitar itself existed before, but the sound extension (sustain) and tone was affected by the fret absence. However, this guitar used a special alloy for the finger board and solved the part sacrificed by the conventional fretless guitar. You can tell by looking at the movie, but Nuke's good tone and sustain are not getting close to the traditional guitar, and it seems to be said that it can be said to be a guitar wearing expressive power unique to fretless guitar on it.

Vigier Excalibur Fretless Guitar Review with Guthrie Govan - Guitar Interactive Magazine - YouTube

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