Monthly annual 'Windows Update', February postponed


It was revealed that the security update program "Windows Update" scheduled to be available on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 will not be released in February.

Security update release in February 2017 - Japan's security team

Microsoft provides security updates for Windows each month, but the February Windows Update scheduled to be released on February 15 was definite to be released as part of the March update It is published by Microsoft's security teamOfficial blogIt was announced in.

The security team in the blog "Our top priority is to provide our customers with the best experience in maintaining and protecting their systems." This month, we found a problem just before the update release The problem could affect some customers and we could not solve it until the update we planned today. As a result of reviewing all the options, we postponed this month's update We apologize for the inconvenience caused to your plan due to this change. "After commenting that the problem was found just before the update program was released, the release will be postponed I have revealed that.

The monthly security update program for February, which was not updated according to the forest of windowsVulnerability correction of "Adobe Flash Player" targeting "Microsoft Edge" "Internet Explorer"It should have been included. It is unclear whether the update program for this will be delivered separately or will be left untouched in March.

Updates for February will not be released, delivered collectively in March ~ Microsoft announced - Foreign windows

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