"The Art of Storytelling" to learn Pixar's storytelling technology for free

Free classes such as "The Art of Storytelling" that you can learn the storytelling skills of Pixar known for movies such as "Toy Story" "Finding Nemo" "Inside Head" "Monsters Ink" It was released.

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It is Kaan Academy, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 2006 that is open to the public. In cooperation with Pixar from before"Pixar in a Box" where you can learn how to make animation"The Art of Storytelling" is the third season of Pixar in a Box.

The following is a movie telling the beginning of the storytelling course, "Pete Doctor" of "Monsters, Inc." appeared.

Pixar in a Box Season 3: The Art of Storytelling - YouTube

"There is power to link people with emotional level" "story," said Doctor.

"To tell a story" means letting the audience feel the same feeling. Therefore, in the third season of "Pixar in a Box" it will tell you how Pixar told "to tell you stories of yourself".

The course is divided into two groups, "1: We talk about everything" and "2: character", and in addition to Dr. Director, the story artist Valerie La who worked on "Inside Head" "Merida and the Forest of Sorrow" Mr. Point, "Merida and the Forest of Sorrowful" and "Mr. Incredibles" (supervised by the story) director Mark Andrews, Sanjay Patel who was involved in "Remil 's delicious strange" etc. appear.

Introduction to Storytelling | Pixar in a Box - YouTube

Not only viewing explanations by images, but also practical tasks appeared. In "Activity 1" below, "What is the memory that you vividly remember?" "Why do you remember it, what would apply if you associate it with your emotions?" "From the head to some form of memory / emotion Please try to output "has been given to the task.

Activity 1 (article) | Khan Academy

As of February 16, the item "2: Character" is still under preparation, but a person who wants to make a story is a must-see course.

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