A virus that takes over the save data of the original Pokemon appeared, with "Pokemon editor" function to create favorite Pokemon

The first generation of the Pocket Monster series which has been released in 1996 and has been running for more than 20 years "Pokemon Red, Green, Blue". A virus that targets this has somehow emerged for some reason.

Creating a "virus" for Pokemon Red and Blue (self replicating save file !!) - YouTube

Game started with nostalgic BGM. The fact that we developed a virus targeted at the first Pokemon,MrCheezeMr. The created virus is "It automatically duplicates saved data and copies it to other Pokemon".

Game start screen. On the left is data of "Pokemon Red" which Mr. Chieeze had modified the data and made it infected with the virus beforehand. Right is save data of "Pocket Monster Blue" which got the Pokemon picture book without using unauthorized tools and advanced to the place where communication exchange is possible.

I will try to start saving the save data and start the game, but some characters that are already displayed on the "Pokemon Red" screen at this stage are supposed to be funny.

And when you start the game it is obviously buggy "Pokemon Red".

"Pokemon Red" virus is said to be infected with "Pocket Monster Blue" in communication exchanges.

It is not a battle but a communication exchange.

"Pokemon Red" can not move within the Pokemon Center because the save data is infected by the virus, but communication exchange is possible.

Virus infection starts when speaking as it is. When communication exchange is started, the terminal exchanges block data of 415 bytes with each other. This block data contains the user name, what kind of Pokemon it has, etc. in the usual case, after exchanging this data you can select Pokemon to exchange on each other's screen.

However, in the case of a movie, "Pokemon Red" has been tampered with data, there is no handheld Pokemon, arbitrary code created by the developer will be executed. The virus moves to the data of "Pocket Monster Blue" which was a communication partner as block data, and the save data is rewritten to the same as "Pocket Monster Red".

When restarted, the startup screen has not changed at all ... ...

Save data is similarly buggy.

The game screen is no longer messy and I can not continue games as normal.

When infected with a virus, I have a mystery tool "8 F" for some reason.

This seems to be a tool only to display a list of numbers as shown below, but in reality this is one of the objectives of Mr. Chieeze who developed the virus. The real identity of the mysterious tool "8F" is a tool that can generate freely favorite Pokemon called "Pokemon editor (Pokemon editor)". In order to spread this, Mr. Chieeze created a virus that automatically infects.

Another reason is that the virus is 3DSVirtual console version Pocket monstersIt can also be infected.

Pokemon created with the virtual console version, to send Pokemon of the past work to the latest workPocket BankIf you use, you can send it to Sun Moon which is the latest work of the series. Any Pokemon that can be created is Miu, Mewtwo, Metamon and so on. All the Pokemon created will be different in color, and if you send it to Sun Moon, it seems that any 3 status will be the individual value Max.

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