Psychological phenomenon "Palaidria" causing misunderstandings such as "clouds look like people's face" and "they can hear talk from anywhere"

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There are things such as the clouds appearing to the person's face and the sound of the air conditioner being heard by the voice someone is talking about,PalaidriaIt is caused by a psychological phenomenon called "Something." What is this phenomenon called Palaidria is the science magazine'sNautilusIt explains.

Why We Hear Voices in Random Noise - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

I think that there are many people who have found enormous faces in the clouds, but such phenomena do not only occur in modern times, it is thought that humanity about 3 million years ago also experienced. For example, it looked like a human face emergedMakapansgat pebbleWas discovered in 1925 in a cave in South Africa, which was once thought to be used by people as a residence.

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This kind of "psychological phenomenon that imagines the face of a person in an object" which seems to exist from ancient times long ago became "in the middle of the 19th century"PalaidriaIt was named my name. The etymology is Greek word "para" which means "abnormal" or "ideal image". Pebbles in Macapangthat are an example of visual Palaisdoria, and in addition, "Clouds floating in the sky are seen on the face of people" or "Martian's Human RockYou can say that such things are similar.

Experiencing these visual Palareidrias is not unusual at all. The visual Palareidia is a phenomenon that occurs when noise of randomness is lurking when a human recognizes a visual pattern as information, and the constellation is also a kind of visual Palareidia. In addition, as one using visual paraisley, "Rorschach testIt is famous.

ByTrevor Hurlbut

Pareidria is not a psychological phenomenon occurring only by vision, but also Palaidria arising from auditory stimulation. Although there is not a brief definition of the phenomenon called Palareidia up to now, in the clinical area, usually Palareidia is more closely associated with the visual stimulus, and when there is no randomness in the visual stimulus, auditory stimulation It is defined that an auditory Palareidia will occur in search of randomness in.

Auditory Palaidria is more annoying than visual Palaudoria and sometimes caused a big topic. Fischer Price 's American toy maker "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle & Coo DollIs a doll for an infant who giggle smiles or tells a word. A few people misunderstood that "The doll says" Islam is light "" in a few weeks after it was released in 2008, it appeared, It quickly became a topic. As a result of the news, Fischer Price ultimately collects dolls from major retailers.

Baby Doll Reportedly Says Religious Phrases - YouTube

It was the year of election that caused this problem to be troubled, and it seems that the relationship between Islam and terrorism was also being troubled. Therefore, being able to hear that "Islam is light" is not completely random, and it seems that the word caught somewhere in my heart has become auditory Palaleidoria. Nautilus expresses this as an "auditory rollshatch test".

Another example is just one of the auditory Palaleidoras that scenes that misunderstand radio noise as devil's voice when Kevin of the main character gets down to the cellar at Home Alone.

A discussion forum operated by an audiologist Neil Baumann "Center for Hearing Loss Help"Is a site for people who experience various abnormal hearing including auditory Palareidia, but many users have thought that they might have become mentally ill. ThatOne case"When you turn on the air conditioner, you can hear a conversation from where you are going to check whether someone is outside the window, or if you turn off the air conditioner, the conversation ends." If you know the information so far, it seems to be "a case of auditory Palaleidoria", but if you do not have such knowledge, there seems to be something to think of as "you are a mental illness ... ..." is.

"Many of" awareness "are" what is expected to happen in a given situation "and" what is born of our beliefs and susceptibility interacting with information processing "is uni Mr. Chris Friss, a neuroscientist at Varsity College London. Because there is no actual word content in the sound of the air conditioner, we unconsciously color the sensory input and become auditory Palaidria. About this, Mr. Fris says, "There is something that human beings have experienced in the past and the most complex auditory analysis behavior is the act of" listen to people. "Noise (in auditory Palareidia) converts I am presuming that it is from such a reason that I can hear it. "

Aural paralidia is also recognized as a type of auditory hallucination. It seems that the only difference between a normal person and a person who feels auditory Palaleidoria as sick is "Do you feel auditory Palaleidia as a strange sound or real sound?" If you can hear a symphony at the intersection of Manhattan, it may lead to relieving stress, but if you are convinced that a toy doll is reading a religious message somewhere in your heart It may be that she is holding a worry.

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