I tried counting how many tour buses stopped and one Chinese tourist came down before Laox of Akihabara

Is there no need for a parking lot if there are roads? While being in downtown Akihabara, it is a large duty free shop that is doing business to the Chinese tourist partner of the bus ·Laox (LAOX). The sidewalk in front of the store was a crowd of people hindering traffic.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who made a round of the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I have been staying in Tokyo since late 2016, but I avoided Akihabara because I felt bad feelings when visiting in 2014. But I thought that it was two years since then, I tried to visit again. However, it did not look like something changed. It became disgusting feeling after all.

~ Table of Contents ~
◆ What is Laox
◆ Visit on 26th October 2014
Visit on January 12, 2017
◆ Visit on February 4, 2017 (Ginza)
◆ I actually measured in front of Laox of Akihabara
Frequently used getting on / off places
◆ Relationship between Laox and bus
◆ Twitter's reaction

◆ What is Laox
Laox was a large electronics mass merchant shop that used to store stores mainly in the Kanto area. Although it was an expansion route until the early 2000s, its performance deteriorated due to intense competition with other companies in the same industry. In August 2009 China's largest consumer electronics retail store "Suning electrical appliancesIt is under the umbrella of. Laox, which became Chinese capital, changed from a conventional consumer electronics retailer to a duty-free shop for foreign tourists, matching this to the trend of the era of rapidly increasing tourists visiting Japan. We took over the Chinese tourists from the connection with our parent company and played a big revival."Bombshell" that became the Youucan new word · buzzword grand prize in 2015As a company symbolizing the president,Luo YiwenMr. attended the awards ceremony.

Laox of Akihabara taken in 2014.

Location is 1-2 - 9 Kaikanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

But, I felt doubt about the business method, so this time I wrote such an article. It became quite a long article but it would be greatly appreciated.

◆ Visit on 26th October 2014
After revisiting Europe in 2014 "Thinking about looking at the European immigrant society so that it will not become a lawless zone"I wrote an article called" That is why I was interested in the realities of foreigners in Japan. I found a bus problem in Akihabara while investigating such things. In particular, it was LAOX of a major comprehensive duty free shop that had been up to the Yodama. That year was temporarily returning home, the next flight was from Tokyo. When I found time and went to Akihabara, a strange world was spreading.

Despite the public roads, bus stops emerge.

This way the bus stops.

Customers from China spreading on the sidewalks.

At this time there was a person in charge of traffic control. When asking, "Are you guiding a customer coming by bus?" Asked, "No, no, it is traffic control on the sidewalk", the relationship with the bus was denied.

I could not make a decision as to whether this situation is legal or illegal. So I went to the Manjyo Basho police station just a short walk from Laox. When asking, "I have something to worry about parking the bus," I was informed about the reception room near the reception desk on the first floor. Men around the age of 50 heard stories. "It seems that there are many buses on the road, but ... ...." Well, yes, we responded by receiving 110, "I answered. The laws that I was most concerned about, but they showed me that "illegal acts are taking place".

Visit on January 12, 2017
Separate the trip,Report meeting on cycling around the world in TokyoI went to Tokyo from the local Fukuoka to do. After that, I still stayed in Tokyo for some reason. "Ueno's panda pepper"Or"It's a Sony Exhibition in GinzaSightseeing Tokyo all over here. Tokyo is far from Fukuoka. However, I avoided Akihabara. Despite writing articles such as overseas animation and cosplay circumstances. The reason was Laox of 2014 and Chinese tourists.

But, two years from then. It will have changed a bit. I never came to Akihabara to open a Pandora's box. However, before Laox, it was the same situation as before. I was made to feel disgusted again.

After all, it is a bus stop in front of Laox.

Tourists who take a bus.

Before Laox, it was full of people who could hinder traffic.

Again, I wanted to check again this time and visited the Banjyo Bridge Police Station. This time it was introduced to the transportation section inside the building. I get a permit and go up the stairs. The elderly female police officer who told me about the story mainly joined the male policeman of the same age who came to see the situation. I believed that "justice is here", but there was nothing there. Even if I heard that "Parking the road in front of Laox is legal," it is just getting muddy about tea as "There are various on a case by case basis." I am not good at distinguishing between "parking" and "stopping" because I do not have a car license, but is it also a police job to not answer anything without that knowledge? Despite the position of enforcement in compliance with the law, we could not show any criteria.

"It seems like it has not changed since the past, so I came to visit you" Did you mind complaining? "No, it has improved a lot compared to the past." "To everyone in the area thanks to you "The police station person asked. "Well, there is objective data etc?" When asked, "I do not have it" does not mesh. Actually, it may be working hard. As you can tell, it may be decreasing compared to the past. However, the public work is hard to ask the results. That's why I asked, "If you leave such a situation, what will happen if a major accident happens?", I answered "I am not a bus driver, is not it a bus driver?" So, I lost my words.

I have awareness that "There are many reports 110 in the vicinity of the Banjyo bridge intersection indeed". Just saying "I'm serious before Laox," he said neither, nor sorry but he said, "Where is Raix's basis, I guess it might be another shop," he said. "Although Laox was paying kickbacks to travel agencies, it became news," but that was it.

"Bomb Termination" The real cause is bothecling! Chinese tourists get bored | Nikkan SPA!

"Laox was attracting customers by signing a kickback agreement with a travel agency that carries out tours.Much of the products were higher by 20 to 30 percent compared to general consumer electronics retailers.However, It became familiar to the Chinese.When it was gradually spreading that the tax exemption procedure can be done also at the general store in the downtown area, it turned out that it was knocked off.It is in front of the head office of Laox ginza which was a symbol of bombings as usual Chinese tourism There are large-sized buses with customers on board, but more people are enjoying shopping in different places through shops. "

Wakake where the Chinese rush to Laox - daily Saiseau

Laox has a kickback agreement with a Chinese travel agency that sells group travel products. Instead of incorporating visits to Laox in the course of tours, Laox hands over rebates to travel agencies according to the amount paid by tour participants visiting.

Apparently, the bus stopped in front of Laox and customers who got off the bus entered the shop at Laox, but there seems to be a gentle world that both sides have no interests. After all, I will not engage with you as "If you are also a writer, you can check it yourself". Because if the cause is clear, 110 will not be reduced. It was no wonder why the police did not do it.

With his legs that left the police station with a feeling of incompetence, I asked Edion and Onoden on both sides of Laox, "There are many bus stops near here, but are those customers there?" Both of them answered "It is wrong."

◆ Visit on February 4, 2017 (Ginza)
Since the timing was met, I checked the situation of Ginza. It is February 4, 2017 (Saturday).

Laox is located in Ginza 7-9-17 Ginza Yamato Building, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1 2 3 F

Like Akihabara, Laox of Ginza seemed to be operated like a roadway, a sidewalk as a stop.

Another bus.

I measured the parking time, this is 18: 3.

And there was a bus called 18:15 ......

As there are confusion in front of the store, there are two people who are going to organize traffic. I wanted to listen to the story but I gave up having difficulty communicating in Japanese. Although it was not clear whether it was Raox, it seems that you have considerable authority in spite of being supposed to be in a public place, it was my first job without saying anything. Even if it is Japanese, if it stops over there, it seems to be eliminated due to a serious response.

A blue jumper who carries out traffic control with the Chinese tourists waiting for the bus.

Chinese people who have to wait for a bus in such a place are also feeling sorry.

The building that is operating next to Laox was supposed to be quite terrible. Speaking of Ginza, luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari are prime locations with many stores. It seemed that the building was also directing a space with a sense of quality.

But it is a red line of the partition pole that spoils it.

In Chinese and English, "Note that we ask for your cooperation so that it is the entrance to the building so that it does not interfere with traffic".

What is this all about? There was also such a sight.

A green sticker showing the affiliation of the Japan Bus Association that was also on the bus in Ginza.

In Ginza to confront the Communist Party of ChinaFalun GongThose who think that they are distributing flyers that are criticized by the Chinese government to Chinese tourists.

Laox of Ginza also has a separate store in the commercial building "EXITMELSA (Exit Mersa)". I am operating as a tenant of 5F and 6F. As expected there was no confusion here. Everyone would be convinced if such a store management.

When I was indulging in such thought, one car stopped on the immediate side of the pedestrian crossing. As it was, we were loading luggage in a form that obstructs crossing of passersby. In the vicinity of such a pedestrian crossing, parking stop should be prohibited. After taking the confirmation, I was still in Laox.

I just hope that no major accident will occur, either in Akihabara or in Ginza.

◆ I actually measured in front of Laox of Akihabara
When it comes to this, I am concerned about the actual situation. As I was told by the police, "If you try to find out by yourself", I decided to count on how many buses will stop on the site.

The count was made on Saturday, January 21, 2017, and the time is 5 hours from 12:00 noon to 17:00 noon.

For one reason, I tried to apply for road use permission on January 17.

Application for road use permission.

Although I went to the Manja-bashi police station with the application form, the person in charge said "There is no precedent for such application and I do not know that permission is obtained", which is unexpected correspondence. However, "Because I was not using a chair, so it would be fine if it did not bother me", I stood at the site as it was.

Counter prepared at 100 yen shop.

There are two bus stops with "get off" and "get on" for each one. For this time I measured the number of buses and the number of people, focusing on getting off.

I will count such a getaway.

Because the bus stopped unexpectedly and it was not counted or the measurement was interrupted in order to go to the toilet on the way, it was not an accurate figure, but the number in the measured range became this shape.

12 o'clock - 13 th8 units236 people
13: 00-14: 0014 units300 people
14: 00-15: 009 units225 people
15: 00-16: 006 units170 people
16: 00-17: 004 units102 people
total41 units1033 people

By sticking for a long time, I was able to know the actual condition of the bus in front of Laox a little deeply. About 30 people, including children, are on one bus. The stopping location ranged from the north of the Banjyo Bridge intersection south to the south, and the north until the front of Matsumotokiyoshi under the JR guard. However, no matter where I went, everyone took a break and was aiming for Laox.

· Parking and stop
First, I will summarize the difference between "parking" and "stopping" which will become important from here. I have not got a car license, so I have never been conscious of these two differences, but the two are clearly distinguished.

"Parking"Road Traffic LawIn Article 2 18

Continue to stop due to customers waiting for customers, waiting for loading, unloading cargoes, malfunctioning or other reasons (due to stops for cargo loading and unloading and those within a time not exceeding five minutes and for persons getting on and off (Excluding the stop of the vehicle), or the state where the vehicle etc. stops and the person driving the relevant vehicle etc. (hereinafter referred to as "driver") leaves the vehicle etc. and can not drive immediately .

"Stop" is defined as Article 2 19

Means a thing other than parking by stopping the vehicle or the like.

It is defined as.

From this definition, the bus that is getting on and off passengers in front of LaoxStoppingIt can be argued that there is no problem because it is regarded as. However, within the ninth section of the Road Traffic Law "Stop and parking" (Article 44 to Article 50), it seems that the parking and parking prohibited places are defined and fall under this category There was a case occurring. All of the following are events of January 21, 2017 (Sat).

11:42: Stop near the intersection

12:56: Stop near the intersection

13:14: Double stop

13: 19: Double stop

13: 23: Double stop

13:44: Stop near the intersection

14: 00: stop near the intersection

14: 00: Double stop

14: 41: Double stop. In the photograph, the bus stops twice even behind a pink bus which is hidden by half.

14: 47: Double stop

14:48: Double stop

Due to the nature of public roads, other vehicles may stop and park. Then the driver of the bus was busy, so we stopped at quite a few places. In the above picture, the case where the vehicle is stopped near the intersection seems to correspond to "the part within 5 meters from the side end of the intersection or the road from the road" which is designated as parking or parking prohibition. "There is an exception that" This is not the case when the coach car or the trolley bus stops due to passengers getting on and off or parking to adjust the traveling time at a stop or a stop in relation to the traveling system to which it belongs " So "safe if it is a stop or stop in relation to the belonging line".

Regarding double stops, in the Road Traffic Act, Article 47

(Method of stopping or parking)
Article 47 When parking a vehicle for getting on or off a person or loading / unloading cargo, the vehicle shall be as far as possible along the left side end of the road and not to interfere with other traffic.

It seems to apply to. This point, if you have a driver's licenseProhibition of double parkingIt comes out also in the department exam as a content.

· About stopping time
I also measured how bus is stopped.

Departs in about 1 minute 30 seconds.

The next bus is ......

Starting in about 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Depending on the bus, there are things that the customer finishes getting on and off in the blink of an eye in a blink of an eye but on the other hand ... ...

Buses in the same place for more than 8 minutes. In this case, someone who seemed to be a guide was standing with a frustrated look whether someone who was not in time for the meeting came out.

I thought that it was bad, the bus moved a bit. After a while it seems that everyone has got together, we left Akihabara afterwards.

Also, I have not confirmed visitors who got off, so I do not know if I am looking for Laox, but I also saw a bus that stopped for quite a long time. Confirmed at 13:51.

Confirmed at 14:03.

Confirmed at 15:08.

Confirmed at 15:27. There was over 1 hour 30 minutes.

· Staying time
So, how long does a bus guest stay in Akihabara? As I confirmed it directly to some people I taught about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

The bus that dropped the guest at 15:35 ... ...

I returned to pick up customers at 16:40.

· Private footpath
The guests brought here by bus are not familiar with the circumstances, just wait for the next bus after shopping. Therefore, the sidewalk has spread all the way, and it hindered traffic of the general public.

13: 56 minutes.



Frequently used getting on / off places
There are several places where the bus stops near Laox.

The most popular one is here before Laox.

A customer like this will get on and off.

Also, there was a color cone on top of here. This owner is also a concern.

Color cone collapsed.

After confirming it in 10 minutes it seemed that someone fixed it.

Also, the bus stops even before Edión close to the Banjyo bridge intersection.

In this way, the guests were moving from the gap of the fence.

It has turned into a bus stop in front of Onoden across the pedestrian crossing.

Again, although the stop location is widespread from the northern part of the Oshii bridge intersection to Edion, Laox, Onoden, Love Mercy, Matsumotokiyoshi.

There is a trail between Laox and Onoden, and a crosswalk is set up.

It is a narrow road behind such alley.

A garbage truck came passing.

Clearly it was a form of blocking the road so it is a passenger car who is subject to crime crackdown crackdown.

The intersection in Article 2 of the Road Traffic Act means "the crossing of two or more roads (a roadway with a distinction between a sidewalk and a roadway) where a crossroad, a hinge road or other two or more roads meet" It is defined. Although the parking stop is prohibited within 5 m near the intersection, parking stoppage is prohibited within this area, but in this case the yellow curved drawn painting was done for the curbstone, so it seems that it is classified as stopping even if parking is prohibited.

Metropolitan PoliceMeasures to ban expulsion etc.Looking at the page ofIf Orange solid line paint, parking stoppage is prohibited,No parking if dark line painting in OrangeIt is shown to be.

◆ Relationship between Laox and bus
At the Banjo-bashi police station it was a recognition that "the causal relationship between Laox and the bus is not clear." but,"Clearly there is no choice but to deal if Laox seems to be arranging bus stopsI also said that.

I can not go to the "evidence" of the relationship, but Laox had prepared a box tissue and handed it to the bus driver or tour guide. It was a form different from gift items for shoppers.

Box tissue is placed in front of Laox's store.

The same thing is in the bus.

It is also placed in the driver 's seat.

Incidentally, when visiting in 2014 there was the same box tissue in the shop.

In the first place, when going to the entrance of the store, there is a notice called "Many bridge police station calling to the driver of the bus" Can not wait for customers waiting! " "It will be subject to crackdown even if the driver is on board."

The above picture is for 2016, but this was also posted in 2014.

Besides, even LAOX people have confirmed that customers will come by bus. For that reason, the following job recruiting was done in the past. this is"「≪関東≫【秋葉原本店】警備・交通整備スタッフ<パートアルバイト> - ラオックス株式会社In the contents of the page titled "The URL is now transferred to the top page."

We welcome customers who come to various shops around the world at shops and have directions on our way.
Also, thank you for the traffic improvement etc. when you visit us by sightseeing bus.

Since there was an inquiry form on the official site, I made an inquiry after clarifying that I will write articles about the bus. Then, I received the following answers.

It is Laox Corporation.
I will reply to the following regarding the inquiries you received.

Although our bus stop on the bus in front of our head office in Akihabara pointed out,
Although we are stopping at the time of getting on and off by the traveler (visitor)
I have asked each travel agency that arranges the bus so that it will move as soon as getting on and off,
Actually, we recognize that it is operated as such.
In addition, we operate in cooperation with the local police station.
In future we will continue to make necessary considerations not to disturb neighbor traffic and so on.

Regarding that guests gather at Laox, Laox goes on a kick back to the tour companyrebateAs an article to point out that you are giving up, as mentioned above ""Bomb Termination" The real cause is bothecling! Tired of Chinese tourists"Waka where the Chinese rush to Laox"Laox was attracting customers by signing a kickback agreement with a travel agency that carries out tours." "Laox has a kickback agreement with a travel agency in China that sells group travel products "Instead of incorporating a visit to Laox in the course of the tour, Laox hands over the rebate to the travel agency according to the amount paid by tour participants visiting."

As the Chinese journalist in the article said, there were few people who did not enter Laox, but I also saw it. I was shopping at Sofmap, there was also a figure of a person holding a BIC camera bag. Also, some people stayed in the car without getting off in front of Laox.

◆ Twitter's reaction
Topics related to this Laox and buses have been raised a lot in Twitter.

· Individual tweets

And some people chased this issue over the long term. I was not alone in my mind.

· Admiral Mishra

· Hori

In the first place I am not a man from Tokyo. The problem of this bus was also triggered by the Internet. Is it because of that, from the Manjyubashi police station, "You believe all the information on the Internet?" I was told. However, the person noticing as above noticed.

◆ Chinese tourists
Aggressive tweets are also conspicuous. However, you should not blame the negative emotions of such a situation. Then, are Chinese tourists bad? This is also different. It is no wonder that Chinese tourists who came to Akihabara, my yearning admirer, are out of sight because of exhilaration. In the first place they need to wait for the bus there. As a result of the bus making "Launch" in front of Laox, it is the present condition that unnecessary hate is being created.

That people certainly tend to hide their brows. I was the same. But I wake up as I am observing Chinese tourists there. They are not enemies. Children who gripped firmly the LEGO toys I got got commemorative photographs in the back of Akihabara city. It was only those who enjoyed traveling in Japan. There was a smile I wanted to protect. Some people talked to some people, but some people said that "I'm on a tour this time but next time I want to come back again on a personal trip" with eyes shining. Some also studied Japanese.

A large number of paper bags symbolizing the word "bombshell."

Golden route called Narita → Tokyo → Shizuoka → Nagoya → Kyoto → Osaka. In China, tours around Tokyo and Osaka's attractions in about a week are becoming popular.

There were many people who said "I came from Beijing" when we talked. However, there is a possibility that there are tourists other than China without confirming everything. Because both Chinese and simplified Chinese are not only for China.

◆ Redefining the current problem
As a result of becoming a "bus stop" of the actual bus before Laox, it is the present condition that unnecessary hate is created. In the first place it is impossible for the current situation that you are doing business mainly with customers coming by bus at stores that do not have a parking lot. Even on the store side, you should be aware that there is a problem.

There used to be a 100 yen shop on the first floor of the basement. It is now a rest area and a smoking room.

Is it because I want to clean the sidewalks that have turned into stops? There was a cleaning tool in the shadow of the building.

The acquisition of Laox by Suning Electric Appliances was a pioneer in the entry into China of Chinese companies. It was a pretty shock at that time, but now it is not uncommon. The country of China is steadily putting strength on it. Sanyo's white goods appliances were bought by Haier, Tomamu Resort in Hokkaido was also acquired by Shanghai Yuyuan Journey. From now on, this flow will surely proceed. Under such circumstances, Laox is definitely a leading Chinese company in Japan, so I would like to improve the way we do it. It is too bad that the sidewalks turn into standby places and overflow with Chinese tourists, resulting in a hate against Chinese people.

Outdoor advertisement of Chinese appliance manufacturer "Haier (Haier)" flashing in Ginza.

LAOX also became big news that having illegally employed Chinese students.

LAOX illegal employment: bombshell Firefighter benefits Toshi Priority - Mainichi Newspaper

About punishment by illegal employment promotion crime | Japan's largest duty-free shop Laox Co., Ltd.

As with buses, the way to pursue profits without pretense is only a rebound.

◆ Can not regulate buses?
I wrote so many things, but it is impossible to crack down because I think it is a violation, that is the area of ​​the police. I tried to talk to the private consigned parking guards as well, "I heard a voice about the bus, but I was leaving police to crack down" was a story.

A policeman who is working at an intersection. The bus is parked behind.

The road where the curb is painted with broken lines like this is "no parking". Also, the circumference of the fire hydrant should be "parking prohibited". The bus was not on the driver 's side, but is it okay?

When speaking to the policeman who was at the intersection, I could not answer about the bus in the story "I am paying attention to the bicycle of dangerous driving such as smartphone operation and earphones." I think that it is also a mistake to blame this one. But, is it okay to leave a case like this bus ... ....

By the way, this was also a bus parking lot in 2014.

Large-sized buses with one, two and three cars.

In addition, although it is the case in 2014, the Mansei bridge was also a bus parking lot. At 11:38, a police car passed.

At 11:52, the same bus is stopping.

Although I understand that we crack down on policing carefully, but how long will this situation last? An official page of the Banjyo-bashi police station that seems to be nostalgic is posting the notice titled "To sight-seeing bus operators / tour bus drivers".

Manjyo Bridge Police Station Transportation: Metropolitan Police Department

Due to the increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan, the foreigners' opportunities for bus route buses will be crowded. However, the maintenance of the parking lot has not kept up with that demand. As a result, illegally parked buses on buses are a nationwide problem. As mentioned above, the Manjyo Bridge Police Station also informs tour bus operators visiting Akihabara. On such a bus, it shows that it belongs to the Japan Bass AssociationNBA certification markThere was something to see.

Because there is no parking lot in the vicinity, it does not mean that we stop and park on the street, but will not it be a form of organizing a tour with a stop and a parking lot secured?

Akihabara is crowded as the center of subculture such as animation and idol, and maid cafe is famous. A pretty girl wearing a maid of Furifuri and distributing a flyer on the street. Even such a maid cafeMaido bridge maid system store liaison councilThere is an organization called "We are striving to maintain the moral of the city by setting guidelines for flyer delivery. Similarly, can the Japanese bus association also be able to take measures with effectiveness against illegal parking stoppages of member companies?

Everything is not a member company, but such a problem is occurring.

【Kansai's argument】 Kyoto Tourism, Sharp increase in visitors to China and South Korea "abnormal situation" "Bomb bus" A storm of "illegal parking" all year long! Is it? (1/4 page) - Sankei WEST

"Sensation" of visitors who are disgusted by nuisance parking drivers of sightseeing buses that cause differences in national character (1 / 7page) - SankeiBiz (Sankei Biz)

In the photographs listed in the following articles, you can confirm that the green NBA certification mark is affixed to the window of the sightseeing bus which stopped on the street.

Street parking: spring brief annoyance parking bus on busy street | Mainichi Newspaper
http://mainichi.jp/articles/20160208/dde/041/040/041000c(Internet Archive)

◆ If the place to move moves, can you change the situation?
I heard that the driver of the bus parking on the street at Akihabara "Is this a parking lot?" The driver answered sorryly, "I know that I can not do it, my stomach hurts here." "We should not blame these people," he said.

As the system is finished, people built in there can not escape. Well what are you supposed to do? Consumer financeGray zone interest rateAnd the smartphoneComplete GachaAs you can see, the composition can be changed as the place to move moves. Japanese, Chinese tourists, Laox, bus company ... ... There should be a way to make everyone happy.

Bus problems also occurred in South Korea, and the government is also working on countermeasures. Will not it be possible to advance such things in Japan?

To obligate the establishment of parking lot for sightseeing bus at duty-free shop = Korea

Troubles such as "malicious guide" are also born about tours for Chinese tourists.

【Core of Impact Case】 "Bomb Praise" The possibility to shade the unqualified Chinese guide "Tourism nation" that cheats Chinese ... (1/4 page) - Sankei news

Malicious guide targeting bomb explosion Sales of part of the rampant store partly in the handbook: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

It is a Chinese registered man (34) who has led group customers. Currently, Japan's national qualification "interpreter guide" is necessary to make a guide with payment, but I say "there is no one who has a qualification".

Sneak in! Lawless site of Chinese "Bomb Tour" - NHK Close - up Hyundai +

To cope with this problem, a draft amendment to the travel industry law is expected to be submitted.

"Blurry Tour" contractor clearly stated in the revised travel business bill to be submitted to the Diet now for "five days of" business suspension (1/2 page) - Sankei News

Regarding the regulation of 'Land Operator' arranging for transportation and accommodation for foreign travelers visiting Japan instead of travel agents, the Tourism Authority proposed in the revision bill of travel business law submitted during the current Diet session as a disposition to illegal contractors We are studying in a direction to include real suspension of the business year, I learned on the 25th. We will "leave" malicious vendors involved in such things as "totally excited tours" that sell high-priced items to visitors, and improve the quality of trips to Japan.

Following this, I think that I want you to solve the bus problem as well. This time, considering the possibility of my standards being strange, taking the questionnaire on Twitter in advance gave the following results.

How do you think? It took quite a while and labor. I hope that this situation will change by having various opinions flutter.

I am not in a position to say big things when I look back on my life. However, there is a desire to build a better society for children living for the future, in a time that has only passed. I was planning to write an article two years ago, but the content rangently caught up with content only and ran away. Although it was a similar situation even after two years, I was able to accumulate considerable facts by continuing the interview, so this time I gathered the information.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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