The gyoza king bought a premium gyoza that he described as 'the extremity of Japanese gyoza'

' GYOZA OHSHO Kyoto Takashimaya Store ' opened on February 8, 2017 as a new store of Gyoza chain store,

Gyoza no Ohsho . What is different from other stores is that it is a take-out specialty store. In addition, there is a Japanese-style dumpling ' Premium Gyoza ' that the 'Gyoza no Ohsho' who has been facing dumplings for 50 years confidently recommends as 'Gyoza Premium'. I thought this was a must-eat item, so I went to buy it.

GYOZA OHSHO Kyoto Takashimaya store (Gyoza takeaway specialty store)
→ Closed on June 30, 2021.

Kyoto Takashimaya is connected underground to Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line.

The first basement floor is the

food floor . There is 'GYOZA OHSHO Kyoto Takashimaya store' near the escalator on the west side.

In addition to regular dumplings and garlic zero dumplings , we also sell 'premium dumplings'. Regular dumplings and garlic zero dumplings are 237 yen including tax for 6 servings, but premium dumplings are 626 yen including tax for 6 servings.

There are two types of dumplings, raw dumplings before baking and grilled dumplings cooked in the store, and depending on the timing, you may have to wait for a while. However, there was truly a 'Gyoza no Ohsho', and the waiting time was a little over a minute.

This time, I bought 3 servings of 'Premium Dumplings' and 1 serving of 'Gyoza' and came back. One container is 10 yen including tax.

The left is premium and the right is normal. It is different from the shape.

I arranged them on a plate. There seems to be a difference in the timing of the difference in the grilled color, but there is a big difference that the premium dumplings on the left have a wavy bottom, while the normal one wants to be flat.

When I lifted it with chopsticks, I felt a difference in weight, so when I measured it, the normal weight was 25g to 26g.

The premium was 27g-32g.

The difference in the contents is also obvious, and the premium on the left contains perilla, which is not found in regular dumplings. Also, although it is not apparent, it is finished as Japanese-style dumplings by adding the flavor of kelp and bonito. The increase in the amount of meat is also reflected in the texture, and the seeds of normal dumplings crumble when they are dripping, but the seeds of premium dumplings are tightly packed and 'chew the meat'. I have a feeling. This is a product that only claims to be a premium.

The price of over 100 yen per piece is quite high when you think of it as dumplings, but it may be an ant for occasional luxury.

By the way, if you buy dumplings at this shop, you will get one small dumpling strap for each transaction.

The dumplings are firmly browned, and the letters '2 million dumplings a day' are also on display. Perhaps this strap is for a limited time and in limited quantities, so if you are interested, please go buy it as soon as possible.

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