Microsoft released high-speed virtual file system 'GVFS' which handles 300 GB class Git repository

ByMike Mozart

Microsoft is using the virtual file system "Git Virtual File System(GVFS) "announced. By virtualizing the file system under the repository, GVFS adopts a mechanism that executes download at the time of opening a file, which realizes a significant speedup.

Announcing GVFS (Git Virtual File System) | Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management

In 2013, Microsoft began supporting "Git" which is an open source distributed version control system. This Git is a management system developed to deal with the distributed development model of Linux, but when Git manages a large number of Windows files with a code base of about 270 GB (about 3.5 million files), it becomes "git checkout" It takes 3 hours, "git status" takes 10 minutes, and even "git clone" may take 12 hours.


"GVFS" was announced to cope with the problem of time required to manage a large number of files with Git. By virtualizing the file system under the repository, GVFS can be used so that large amounts of files are stored locally.

It is possible to download only the necessary objects from the virtualized file system, not all files, for example, "git checkout" time from 3 hours to 30 seconds, "git status" from 10 minutes to 4 to 5 We have succeeded in greatly speeding up to seconds. In addition, it has a function to manage the repository capacity, and according to the specification that the operation is performed at the file level, it is not necessary to change IDE and build tools.

I'm writing technology related articles at Ars TechnicaPeter BrightWhile evaluating GVFS, he provides a function that allows unauthorized users to create their own file systems without modifying the kernel codeFUSEI am talking about lack of such software as. There are many FUSE file systems that operate in the same kind as GVFS and there is no optimal way to continue to develop a virtual file system like GVFS without FUSE, "This is very disappointing," I point out.

Microsoft hosts the Windows source in a monstrous 300GB Git repository | Ars Technica

Microsoft is not alone suffering from a large number of repositories. In the past, Facebook decided that Git can not cope with a large number of repositories, but to Mercurial which is the same as Git but is more extensibleMigrationDid.

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