"Girlfriend's Day" trailer in which a murder case occurs after "her day" was enacted

"Her day" was enacted as a new holiday, a contest to decide "the most romantic card" was made, and a man once called "the king of a greeting card" goes back to the desk again to make it happen, Netflix original movie ... ... that is getting caught up in the murder case and violence ...Girlfriend's Day"is.

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The hero is a writer specializing in greeting card messages, Ray.

In a movie greeting card special writer is a profession that is touted as a movie star. Ray once was struggling as a "king" of the greeting card world.

However, Ray is a falling star now. The happy married life has also come to an end.

I am injured in my arm and send a miserable life.

Ray that drinks at the bar.

Then, the news that "State of California has enacted a new holiday" flows. What was enacted was "Her Day"

Celebrating the establishment of "Her Day", a contest competing for "the most romantic card" will be held. Listen to the words "If you win the contest, you can regain the former glory ..."

Ray opens the sealed garage.

Meanwhile, "I do not like optimistic people, because I feel depressed if I look at their positive attitude" There are also encounters with cute women who tell them that Rei's life seems to turn upward I will.

But from here the story goes in an unexpected direction. Ray called to factory in the night ... ...

Somehow encountered the murder scene.

And a mysterious man forcing him to write cards.

It is monitored ...

Ray who is kidnapped.

It seems that "her day" and murder are related.

To be kidnapped with a female clerk who met somehow at supermarket.

Tied to the chair "Do you think which part of the body would be painful if you cut it?" Pierced holes? "And mysterious torture.

Violence far beyond the romantic resonance of "Her Day" will be unfolded.

"Girlfriend's Day" is the original movie of Netflix and will be delivered from Valentine's Day on February 14, 2017.

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