Like a hamster killing a child in a corn-centered diet


Endangered in Western EuropeKurohara hamsterHas used cereals, tree roots, insects, etc. as food. However, due to the influence of single cultivation in many farmers in recent years, the main food of Kurohara hamster now is a half of the seed that even if flowers bloomUnnaturalnessCorn has become. However, when eating only corn, the hamster turned out to kill her child and eat it.

Diets derived from maize monoculture cause maternal infanticides in the endangered European hamster due to vitamin B3 deficiency | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

France's wild hamsters being turned into 'crazed cannibals' by diet of corn | World news | The Guardian

The research team led by Professor Masild Tissier of Strasbourg University, France, was originally proceeding with the investigation focusing on how farming using agricultural chemicals and machines affects the habitation of hamsters in the ground . In addition to this, I believe that there is room to investigate how new wild hamsters eat will affect breeding capacity, and it seems that we expanded the research scope.

In the survey, among the hamsters raised in the wild, the differences in breeding capacity of "individuals living mainly of wheat and corn" and "individuals eating clover and insects in addition to corn · wheat" were compared . Then, it was found that the breeding ability does not change depending on the nutritional condition, but on the other hand, the survival rate of the child had a big opening.


Four-fifths of we were able to wean wheat and clover, or mothers who are eating wheat and insects, but we were able to wean the mother's children eating maize as a whole Only 5%. According to Professor Tissier, the hamster's mother, who mainly eats corn, will come to eat living children in a food box containing maize. In addition, child eating hamsters also saw an abnormal behavior that when researchers entered the room they could go up to the food box or hit the feeding box.

The researchers noticed that children's hamsters were examined, the color of the tongue was black, the viscosity of the blood was so high that it was difficult to collect, indicating symptoms of vitamin B3 deficiency. Vitamin B3 deficiency that occurs in humansPellagraIt is called symptoms such as diarrhea, dementia · dermatitis. From the middle of the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century, it is believed that as many as 3 million people died in Peruge in North America and Europe. In the published paper, "It is related to homicide, suicide, human eat with a high probability," a meal centered on inappropriately cooked corn in human beings is stated.

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The research team gave a corn-based meal plus vitamin B3 to the cannibal hamsters, but the symptoms that had appeared in the body subsided and the children did not eat any more. Researchers point out that single cultivation in agriculture has an adverse effect on biodiversity, and they explain the importance of dealing with diverse foods in agriculture.

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