The sweetness of Saikyo miso like Kyoto is elegant "Pig Shabu no Saijyo Misodate Udon"

Sanuki Udon no ChainMarugame noodleButDoshisha University School of Commerce Takahashi seminarDeveloped jointly with "Shogu shabu no Saijyo Misodori Udon"It was from January 25, 2017 that it appeared only in Marugame noodles Kawaramachi Sanjo store, so I went to Kyoto to eat.

Sold limited edition "Pig Shabu no Saijyo Misodori Udon"!
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The location of Marugame noodle Kawaramachi Sanjo store is here. Between Hankyu Kyoto Line Kawaramacho Station and Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line Kyoto City Hall Front Station, somewhat less than the subway.

Arrived at the shop.

At the shop front was a panel to inform of limited items.

It also appeals at the counters inside the store. Takahashi seminar of Doshisha University that I planned is studying regional brands and brand / marketing strategies of retail companies.

In Marugame noodles, ordering and delivering soon will be handed over soon, but "Pork Shabu no Saikyo Midodorudon" is a limited item, about 5 minutes after accounting is finished It was brought to the table for a moment. Tax included 640 yen, large including 740 yen including tax. This time I ordered large.

Pig Shabu who was served like a mountain on udon.

In addition to pork, it contains shimeji, Chinese cabbage and so on.

It is a kind of sweet mouth as ingredients are pig sweets as saying that they are using saiko miso. However, udon accepts this sweet mouth nicely. Because of the use of many sesame sesame, the sesame flavor is abundant, and the taste is slightly gorgeous against the savory taste of the appearance. In other words, it is not "sweet sticky", it is elegant and friendly sweetness that seems to be Kyoto. However, when you eat, you will be going to slurp, so where is the elegance, is it.

Without adding any condiments, the color of soup looks something like this. I understand a lot of sesame. Although this is not limited to Kyoto, it is the taste I want more people to try, but cooking may be a bit tough.

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