Francis Ford Coppola is looking for investment in Kickstarter for masterpiece movie "Apocalypse of Hell" for games

A film by Director Francis Ford Coppola published in 1979Apocalypse of Hell(Original title: Apocalypse Now) "has been launched. Towards Game Development Coppola 's movie production studio American Zoetrope is seeking investment with Kickstarter of Cloud Funding.

Apocalypse Now - the Game by Erebus LLC - Kickstarter

"Apocalypse of Hell" is a movie that was nominated for the eighth division including the 52nd Academy Award for work prize and director award, photography prize and sound award. Digital remaster version is released to theaters in April 2016, and you can check the trailer from the following movie.

"Hell Apocalypse Theater Public Version" Trailer - YouTube

The game version "Apocalypse of Hell" is a staff member of the staff who is a luxury development team including AAA title creators, designers, directors, writers, producers such as "Fallout: New Vegas", "The Witcher", "Wasteland 2" It is inside. The following images are Rob Oten, who served as a lead writer for "Gears of War" and "Battlefield" and also worked as a designer in Disney.

The game is not a FPS genre that is frequently handled in war games, but a psychedelic horror game. Players can train Captain Benjamin L. Willard who received the command of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz 's assassination in a form that traces the story of the movie and experience the turbulent Vietnam War.

In addition, collection of resources is raised as an important point of the game system. In the harsh environment of battle in the jungle, the hero needs to survive looking for drinks, food, recovery items and so on. Although details are unknown, it may be that a lot of survival factors are included to bring out the realism of war.

Coppola said in a statement: "40 years ago, I wanted to create a movie that would affect future generations as well, I made" Apocalypse of Hell. "Today, I will be working with a brave project team, interactive It became involved in the development of "Apocalypse of Hell." Video game has grown into one meaningful means to convey the story.The "Revelation of Hell" to revive on the new platform is a new generation of people I'm very excited about the possibilities of how they can be accepted. "

The game "Apocalypse of Hell" is looking for investment with Kickstarter and $ 31,682 (about 3.6 million yen) is gathered for the target of 900,000 dollars (about 100 million yen) as of article creation. To get the game (digital version), you need to invest 25 dollars (about 2800 yen). However, the limit of $ 25 is a limited amount of investment, and if it is lost, you need to invest 35 dollars (about 4000 yen). The contribution deadline is 2:03 on February 25, 2017.

Apocalypse Now - the Game by Erebus LLC - Kickstarter

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