Cup udon finished sweetly for Valentine 'Sweet Kitsune Don' Taste Review

As a cup udon for the Valentine season, "red foxes" finished in sweet taste "Sweet beef tenderness"Will appear. "Chocolate flavored yakisoba」Appeared one after another, I tried to eat it together with" red fox "how it feels like" sweet udon "that appeared in the cup ramen industry feeling stray.

Notice of New Release of "Sweet Kitsuneodon" New Release | Company Information | Toyo Suisan Co., Ltd.

This is "sweet butterfly". It is a pink package with ribbon etc printed.

When comparing it with the red foxes, the sweet beef tenderly looks like a candy but it looks like a candy.

It is a little strange feeling that udon is written in "fancy finished commitment soup" with an unexpectedly cute font.

Something dubious is not used for raw materials, so the impression of ordinary udon. It is almost the same as a red fox.

Energy is drinking up to soup and it is 414 kcal per meal. Because the red fox is 432 kcal per serving, it is rather healthier than ordinary udon.

When opening the two, 'sweet udon' had liquid soup in addition to ordinary powder soup.

Wait for 5 minutes with hot water.

I noticed soup when I got it all but it seems that the same soup is used completely.

Mix well and it is finished. The "sweet udon" on the left had a thick soup remaining on the fried as much as the liquid soup was added.

As soon as I tried eating "sweet udon", it certainly has been sweetly finished, but there is no sweetness like sweets like sugar or chocolate, it is a cup udon which a little mirin worked.

When you drink a soup stock, you will feel warm mirin and thin soy sauce in bonito soup and kelp soup, and warm it in a cold winter.

I thought, 'Maybe fried maybe sweet ....', but it was a juicy fried tofu with sweet soup stained. It seems that a noodle shop making soup with this sweetness is also ordinary, not a taste like a chocolate taste like yakisoba, but finished in a "sweet udon" that anyone can eat as well as young and old girls Ali may also be giving gifts instead of sweets to "people who are not good at sweet things".

So I will eat "red fox". Eating and compare, it is certain that the red fox has thinner soy sauce that stands out with less sweetness. By the way, in the red fox"For East Japan" "For West Japan" "For Hokkaido" "For Kansai"There are four kinds, and for the comparison this time it is "for Kansai". "Sweet udon" is a strong finish as much as sweetness is effective, so it seems that it is rather a taste for the Kanto region.

The price of "sweet udon" is 180 yen per tax.

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