Hackers can copy copies of IC cards fearly easily, long range attacks are possible with special devices

Although it is an RFID tag (IC card) used in various fields, such as management of entry and exit and route tracking of goods in circulation, from the hacker it is very easy to make a copy. Business Insider, which deals with business and IT related news, actually makes a hacker make a copy of the RFID card, and that state is released on YouTube.

How to clone a security badge in seconds - YouTube

An IC card used for entry and exit management of a company is a card that can send and receive data simply by holding it over a reader.

Although it is a convenient IC card, people from knowledge like hackers seem to be able to easily steal information on IC cards and copy it.

Business Inseider is a group of white hackers who are engaged in consulting business of corporate security measuresRedTeam Security ConsultingMr. Matt Grundy who is a member of the company, and actually made a copy of the IC card.

Mr. Grundy is a reader / writer (high frequency antenna) for reading and writing IC card data.

Connect a high frequency antenna like a CD to a single board computer and connect a single board computer to the notebook PC.

Next, when holding the IC card over the reader / writer ......

The data read by the antenna was displayed on the notebook PC. IC card data contains unique codes generated with alphanumeric characters.

Once you acquire a unique code, you can program the IC card data on a blank card by programming. Moreover, this work seems to end in a few minutes.

The antenna that reads IC card data is very small, it can hide in the bag. In other words, even if you do not steal the target IC card, you can steal IC card data while talking a bit with the target.

If you use a device larger than the antenna, you can steal IC card data even if it is away from the target.

This device was originally developed by RedTeam Security Consulting. However, the design document of this device can be easily obtained on the Internet, and the cost seems to be only 700 dollars (about 80,000 yen).

You can steal data by turning on the switch on the back and turning it to the target. Since the receiving range of this device is about 1 to 1.8 m, there is no problem even if the target is slightly far away.

An easy way to protect IC cards from such attacks is to use card cases and wallets that can completely block transmission and reception of radio waves to IC cards. From a hacker, IC cards are easy to replicate, so it seems better to think about measures to protect yourself by yourself.

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