A movie of a trump playing an accordion while talking is released on YouTube, "I can not see the cards' speech again as before."

Mr. Donald Trump combines the accordion's images and sounds in a way that moves both hands with a speech and a movie playing light music with Mr. Trump's speech is being released on YouTube. "I will not be able to see Mr. Trump 's speech again as before," and I am talking about the topic to make it play 510,000 times from January 13 until 17th.

Life Accordion To Trump - YouTube

Mr. Trump that refers to the contractor with a speech. There is an accordion in his hand.

When Mr. Trump moves silencefully both hands, the accordion plays the sound elegantly as "Farfa, Fafafa" in the speech.

When talking slowly "Fa ~~~" and the accordion is also a calm tone ... ...

As the speech gets caught in heat, the speed of moving the hand becomes faster and the timbre also accelerates. Sounds overlap and it is hard to hear your speech. However, while listening, the accordion sound and the voice of the speech are fused together, and it seems like a piece.

In the remark "We are going to build a wall", the accordion can be played rhythmically in a manner matching the syllable.

Accordion which goes up and down according to "Lone" of "Nobody knows, even my assistant's Lorna". The tone of the accordion which becomes quiet and lively according to Mr. Trump 's tension, becomes a habit if it keeps listening.

In the comment section "This movie is the worst, I can never see Mr. Trump's speech again as I have ever seen" "The word" Construct a wall "perfectly matches the accordion" "It is an insult to the accordion Comments such as "......!" Were lining up.

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