CEO speaks that Airbus will conduct a test flight of "fly car" in 2017

Airbus maker Airbus CEO Tom Ender said that there is a plan to test the prototype of "fly car" in 2017.

Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year | Reuters

"Urban traffic was trapped in the basement 100 years ago, it is time to regain urban traffic above the ground (sky)", Reuters reports. Additionally, CEO Added added that "Airbus will run a test flight of" flying car "by the end of 2017", he added.

Airbus said in 2016 that "Project VahanaIt is clear that he is pursuing a flying car development project called "Flying Car". In Project Vahana, a single-seat urban commuter with a rotor mounted and capable of vertical takeoff and landing has been developed and it is thought that the comment by CEO of this time suggested that the flight test of Vahana Commuter will be held within 2017 .

According to Airbus, a flying car that can take off and landing vertically can greatly reduce the cost of urban infrastructure as it does not require huge construction costs like railways and highways. Airbus, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial helicopters as well as passenger aircraft, is committed to bringing a new era to the fullest incorporation of new technologies such as artificial intelligence technology and automatic driving technology to develop urban flying cars Enderc CEO says he wants to make investment to open up.

Uber who revealed a flying taxi planAndGoogle founder Larry Page Rumored to Invest in Flying Automotive Development StartupIn the technology industry, flying cars are becoming a big trend. According to Reuters, "If flying cars are becoming a trend, ignoring this situation, Airbus will withdraw from an important business division," said Enders CEO, said Vahana's commitment to commuter He said that he made it clear. There is great expectation for flying automobile plan by male · Airbus in the airplane industry.

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