"I updated" a boy who got into the brain with a fragment of a smartphone revenge on the gang "iBoy"

The mediocre boys who got shot from the gangs, the fragments of smart phones that were crushed when they hit, remained in the brain, so that all power was released and become "updated"IBoy"is.

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The stage is a city where crime often occurs.

The protagonist is one mediocre boys, Tom.

At school, Tom says to his best friend Lucy "Come home later."

Tom heading for Lucy's house at night.

Tom is entering Lucy's house thoughtfully wondering that there are no injuries ......

I will face the gang coming out of the room of Lucy.

A gang group that follows Tomm running away.

And ...

Tom is hit.

At this time, something happened in Tom's head.

Tom took a bullet in his head but managed to take a life.

"You were very lucky" a doctor explaining. According to the doctor's explanation, Tom's brain has fragments of smart phones scattered, "things that are not ordinary may happen".

There is a vivid scar behind Tom's ear.

Tom, who was walking in the city, realizes something is wrong.

The conversation content of the girl who is calling at a remote place comes into my head.

When turning around in the bus ... ...

The screen of the smartphone the boys and girls are watching are displayed like augmented reality.

The PC screen that should have become familiar is different.

Open the curtain and look across the window ... ...

Information on the streets was full of augmented reality.

Tom loses fame.

Tom who collapsed saw ... ...

It was a figure of a hero.

Of course, this is a change that occurred in Tom's head. The world continues to exist as usual, only in the head of Tom "has been updated".

"I have never become a victim until now," Lucy said. Tom will find out the perpetrator who made Lucy the victim.

When the boys who think they are gangs get into the car ......

The voice "I know what you did" flows.

While the boys are puzzled ... ...

The car exploded.

There was a figure of Tom who hid his face there.

Tom where the atmosphere gradually changes.

Information on criminals is clearly visible to Tom.

Tom who found something.

But the situation will develop to Tom's outrageous places.

Lucy captured.

What will happen to Tom and Lucy who can not control their own power ... ....

In addition, iBoy is an original movie of Netflix, which has been broadcasted from January 27, 2017.

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