"I can play Pokemon with Nintendo Switch" and the game shop leaked inadvertently

Online game shop · GameStop prepares a notice page of "Nintendo Switch" presentation on the website, but in that it was stated that "You can play Skyrim and Pokemon with Nintendo Switch" , Nintendo 3DS version "Pokemon Sun Moon"Nintendo Switch version"Pokémon StarsIt has been whispered that it leaked information inadvertently.

GameStop website claims play will "play Pokemon at home" on Switch - Nintendo Everything

GameStop Leak Accidentally Reveals 'Pokémon' For Nintendo Switch

According to information from multiple media, the following explanation was written on Nintendo Switch presentation page of GameStop. After that, the following sentences areWithdrawn.

Nintendo Switch games will include new item offerings from Mario, Splatoon, Zelda, the NBA and more! You will even be able to play Skyrim on the go, or Pokemon at home with the Nintendo Switch. , Interchangeable Nintendo Switch accessories. (Various new titles such as Mario, Splatoon and NBA will be released in the game of Nintendo Switch.) In addition to that, you are going to leave Sky Rim outside the Nintendo Switch and home with Pokemon You will also be able to play with, and accessories for the replaceable Nintendo Switch will also appear)

"Pocket Monster Sun Moon" can be played as it is on the Nintendo Switch "Pokémon StarsAlthough the existence of rumors was done, if the information of GameStop is correct, it is expected that there will be some announcement even at the presentation of Nintendo Switch which will be held from 13 o'clock today. The GIGAZINE editorial department is also planning to publish presentations and experiences as occasion writes, so please look forward to it!

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