Development of a "thermal energy storage device" to be used as heating for winter in the summer heat is ongoing

In cold weather in winter, some people have thought that "If there is a device that can store the unpinful summer heat, you can release heat in the winter and warm up ..." I think that there is no effective means until now.Swiss Federal Institute for Materials TestingUsing a new type of heat exchanger / storage device being developed by EMPA (EMPA), it is possible to convert summer heat to another form and store it in another form and use it as a heat source only by adding water in winter It is thought to be possible to do.

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New technique stores summer heat until it's needed in winter

What EMPA is developing is concentratedSodium hydroxideAs a medium for heat preservation. Since it is possible to store heat in another form by using sodium hydroxide which is comparatively easy to obtain and can freely take out again according to the needs, it does not need fossil fuel and does not emit carbon dioxide It is expected to be greatly expected as a heat source.

The mechanism is to utilize the property that sodium hydroxide generates heat violently when it reacts with water. By adding water, sodium hydroxide releases the energy trapped as chemical energy as thermal energy, but it is studied to utilize this phenomenon as a heating source of heating. Sodium hydroxide is highly hygroscopic, so it is thought that even a small amount of moisture such as steam can be used as a heat source, depending on development, things like warmers that warm just by breathing may be put to practical use Hmm.

Conversely, moisture also plays a role in taking in heat. When thermal energy is added to sodium hydroxide from sunlight etc., the contained moisture evaporates and the concentration of sodium hydroxide rises. This means that once water is added again, it becomes available as a heat source, so it means that thermal energy is stored as sodium hydroxide as chemical energy.

The interior of the device is said to be structured to arrange a spiral pipe in a sodium hydroxide solution having a viscosity of 50% and viscosity. Water is flowing in the pipe, and the sodium hydroxide solution to which moisture is given heats the pipe from outside and warms the water to about 50 degrees Celsius and use it as heat of heater and floor heating It is considered to be possible.

Concentrated sodium hydroxide is strongly corrosive and is a substance designated also as a deleterious substance in Japan, so in order to realize its application to ordinary households and industries, establishment of safety is particularly required I will. Nonetheless, it seems that there will be great expectations for the development of equipment that can confine the heat of the summer that could hardly be utilized until the winter in the past.

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