The fully automatic shuttle bus debuts on the public road of Las Vegas and starts running experiments

Put passengers on the road of Las Vegas in the USA while sensing the circumstances themselvesAutomatic operation shuttle busDebuted and started running experiments. This bus realizes fully automatic operation which does not require a driver, it is the first case in the US.

Self-driving shuttle bus launches test run along Fremont East, a first in the U.S. - Las Vegas Sun News

This shuttle bus is a French startup "NavyaWhat developed by. "ArmaThis vehicle was named this for the first time in the United States. It is possible to accurately grasp the position of the car body and the surrounding environment by the laser sensor "LIDAR" mounted on the front and rear of the car body, a stereo camera, GPS, etc., and to run according to the situation.

Navya already has started running on public roads such as France, in November 2015Operation started as public transportation in the city of SwitzerlandIt is being done. Actually you can see the Arma running in the city of Las Vegas in the following movie.

Navya Shuttle Las Vegas on Vimeo

Arma is stopping at the bus stop. Rather than a shuttle bus, the streetcar is more like a shape.

Arma is a vehicle with front and rear symmetrical design.

The central part of the car body opens up and it is said that 12 passengers can be loaded.

Seats for ten people are installed in the car. She seems to be plastics which are often seen in overseas public transportation system seems to be a little solid, but it seems to be problematic if it is used for a short distance.

It also seems like I actually run in Las Vegas. Arma has the ability to run safely at maximum speed of 27 mph (about 43 km / h), but during the test run it will be limited to 12 mph at maximum speed (about 19 km / h).

Since the design before and after is the same, it is difficult to distinguish which is the front Arma. In this state, I am running away towards the back of the screen. The vehicle can run either in the front or the back, and when turning, the front and rear tires are designed to be symmetrical.

Participated in the test run start ceremony and actually tested Las Vegas cityCarolyn GoodmanThe mayor said, "Looking at this situation, it is a very wonderful day.I like the type I want to steer by myself, so it gave me a great deal until I actually got on the automatic driving shuttle bus, but in reality it is very clean, The air is beautiful and it is wonderful as a mackerel and it's Las VegasFremont StreetI was able to run through. "

Arma's test run will be carried out in a mixed car in general vehicles, using Fremont Street connecting Vegas Boulevard and Eighth Street in Las Vegas city. Initial tests were held until 20th January 2017, and it seems that full-scale introduction will be carried out from summer 2017 to autumn.

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