"The True Size Of ..." that allows you to easily compare the real size of the world's countries on the map ...

Many people will think of it as "map" as heard itMercator projectionAs the map by the North Pole or the South Pole has the feature that it is displayed larger than it actually is, the countries such as Greenland, which is close to the Arctic, are many times larger than they actually are recognized by people It is well known. A site that can eliminate the disadvantages of such maps and compare the size of each country accurately is "The True Size Of ..."is.

The True Size Of ...

When you opened the site, a map using Google Maps was displayed. If you look carefully, there are three shapes on top of the African continent.

The three figures are color-coded, especially the shape that seems to have seen somewhere in light blue color.

This figure shows the land of another country, and in the initial state it is displayed with the United States (light blue), India (orange), and China (yellow) land overlapped on the African continent It is. That means that if you turn backwards, it means "the area of ​​the African continent ≒ United States + India + China".

It is also possible to search and compare the countries you want to examine. In the case of Japan, entering "Japan" and searching, the Japanese landscape was highlighted.

The highlighted part can be dragged with the mouse. As a result, if you grab Japan and move it to the vicinity of Alaska and the equator, you can see that the size of the display changes so much. In Mercator 's projection, it means that the size on the display changes so much.

If you look over Japan with a population of 200 million people and Indonesia, you can see that the land of Indonesia is wider than I imagined. In particular, you can see that Borneo Island (Kalimantan Island) is bigger than the Japanese archipelago, but that too, the area of ​​Borneo Island is 725,500 square kilometers, which is about 1.9 times that of Japan's land so if you compare it side by side and compare it directly That will be the result.

By operating the direction mark at the bottom left of the screen with the mouse, it is possible to rotate only the highlighted country. If you look at Japan in the shape of Indonesia, you can see that Indonesia is longer than the whole length of Japan (long to the east and west).

Let's see the real size of Greenland which is said to be "There is an error in the understanding of the largest size in the world". If you highlight Greenland in this way and move it near the equator ... ...

It turned out that it was about the same size as India. In this way, "The True Size Of ..." can accurately grasp the size of each country "misunderstood" by the Mercator projection.

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