Zombies will announce the calculation result that will reduce the population on Earth to 273 people in just 100 days

"If zombies occurred, the surprising calculation result that only 100 days on the earth will be less than 273 survivors" was announced.

Zombie apocalypse would potentially wipe out humanity in just 100 days, students calculate - University of Leicester

Zombie apocalypse would wipe out humankind in just 100 days, students calculate - University of Leicester

Zombies Would Wipe Out Humans in Less than 100 Days

Assuming that zombies can discover living humans (survivors) who are not infected with one zombie virus in a day and can infect that person with a 90% chance, only a few zombies have occurred It was revealed that the number of survivors decreased to 273 in 100 days. The results of this survey are presented by students belonging to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Leicester University.

The investigation team by students is a model equation describing the epidemic process of infectious diseases at how fast the virtual zombie virus spreadsSIR modelWe are investigating using. In the survey, the population on the earth started from 7.5 billion people, and this figure is about the same as the population on the earth as of January 2017.

ByBrad Montgomery

Although it seems that calculation was made without considering the increase and decrease of the population caused by zombies, when examining the number of survivors after 100 days, the number of deaths by zombie virus is enormous in a short period so that they can be ignored It seems to have become something. And, if you do not have a way to counter attacks against zombie flocks, that is, you can not defeat a zombie, the survey results show that human beings will be extinct within less than a year from the occurrence of the zombie virus It is. In addition, it is said that "Zombie takes 20 days from the occurrence of zombie virus" that many survivors will die of life. Also, if we do not assume geographical isolation in the real world, the number of survivors seems to decrease to 181 people in 100 days from virus outbreak.

However, it is new to the investigation using the SIR model "zombies have a survival period of one year, can beat zombies with a probability of 10% a day" "A woman in childbearing age will lay a child in 3 years It is clear that although the number of survivors temporarily decreases to several hundred people, it is possible to annihilate the zombies in 1000 days from virus outbreak. Furthermore, it is said that population will also recover if 10,000 days pass.

ByLindsey Turner

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