"Nintendo Switch (Nintendo switch) will overwhelm you," NVIDIA CEO stated

Nintendo's Next Generation Game Machine "Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch)NVIDIA's customized Tegra processor is installedOther than that, detailed specifications etc are unknown. However, NVIDIA's CEO Jen Seung Huan, who will collaborate with Nintendo to develop a Nintendo switch, will leave a comment on the game machine, "It will be overwhelmed by the Nintendo switch."

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From 13 o'clock on January 13, 2017 Nintendo will make a presentation on Nintendo switch "Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017". Although the Nintendo switch finally considered to be clarified in detail in this presentation, Juan CEO in CES 2017 leaves a comment about the game machine just before that.

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 | Nintendo

About Nintendo Switch Juan CEO says, "It is Nintendo itself, the whole experience is exactly Nintendo itself, Nintendo's beauty, technology, philosophy, etc." Are gaming experiences becoming amazing? Are you concentrating solely to check the elements such as "Do you have young people and children safe to play?" Furthermore, "Nintendo's dedication to technology" is an extraordinary level and worthy of praise.I believe frankly that you will be overwhelmed when you see the Nintendo switch Nintendo switch I'm finished in a really pleasant one. "

The Nintendo switch is equipped with a processor made by NVIDIA, and among reports related to specifications, the processing capacity of the processor is 1TFLOPSIt is said that it becomes 4.2 TFLOPS of PS 4 Pro, 1.8 TFLOPS of PS 4, 1.3 TFLOPS of Xbox One or lessPredictionThere was also.

Besides, the speed of the CPU and the GPU when using the main body as a stationary type by placing it on the dock and using it as a portable game machine by removing the dock is estimated.

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Both rumors suppose that the Nintendo switch expects NVIDIA Maxwell generation processors to be adopted and that the latest Pascal generation is not used, so if the latest generation of processors is to be adopted, It seems that the Nintendo switch will have more machine power than.

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