Accessories that shaped parts of the human body such as "finger ring" and "ear earring"

If you stop it will be six fingers "FINGERring"When you turn on your ears will be four"EARring"Baghdan artist Najja Buttendorf is making uniquely too much accessories to extend part of the human body

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Naja Buttendorf has published a number of unique accessories on his website. Earring which attracts silicon ear to the ear "EARring" is one of them, you can see at first glance that it is a work of art like a gut.

There are many different colors and shapes, you can add an EARring that looks exactly like your ear, you can also enjoy different colors with different ears.

This is the ring "FINGERring" with a silicon finger at the end of the ring, it looks like it was one more finger.

You can see the movies with the electric switch on and off with FINGERring from the following. It seems that the bending curve is uncanny and its texture is exactly like a real finger.

Switching the light on and off with a sixth finger

Nadja Buttendorf (@ nadjalien) submitted video -

In addition, it also contains the appearance of turning the door knob with FINGERring attached.

Open and close a door with a sixth finger

Nadja Buttendorf (@ nadjalien) submitted video -

Made with human skin-like textureSkin Jewelery"Is not strange even if it appears in manga" HUNTER × HUNTER ". "If our bodies have different appearances, will the world look different? If you have four ears, can you hear a sound that can not be felt with the two ears?" He says he is producing these accessories as a tool to unlock the human body from general concepts.

In addition, Mr. Buttendorf is also interested in the idea of ​​"fusion of humans and machines", and in addition to accessories with a human body as a motif, accessories using smartphone charging cables,Necklace made with LAN cable and routerWe are also producing.

All of Mr. Buttendorf's works can be viewed from the following website.

Nadja Buttendorf - Jewelery for Aliens is important

In addition, with the FINGERring attached, the movies doing this are listed, and it is also possible to watch all six FINGERring wearing movies from the following movies.

Open and close a door with a sixth finger - YouTube

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